Price of 3105-o aluminum coil for cake tray, Cake is a way for people to celebrate their birthday. The base on which the cake is placed is called the cake tray base. The cake tray is made of aluminum alloy material, which has high strength requirements and light weight. The alloy is mostly 8011 aluminum foil roll, 3105 aluminum coil, 3104 aluminum coil, 3004 aluminum coil, etc.

The 3105 aluminum coil used for cake trays is mostly in the O state, which is the annealed state, i.e. the fully soft state. It is suitable for obtaining low strength processed products through complete annealing and is easy to process and shape. 3105 aluminum coil belongs to the aluminum magnesium manganese alloy series and has good rust resistance. It has high plasticity in the annealed state, good plasticity in semi cold work hardening, low plasticity in cold work hardening, good corrosion resistance, good weldability, and poor machinability.

3105-o aluminum roll for cake tray
3105-o aluminum roll for cake tray

3105 aluminum coil is currently widely used in room partitions, partition boards, activity room boards, eaves and downspouts, sheet metal forming parts, bottle caps, bottle stoppers, color coated aluminum coil substrates, and other fields.

How much is the manufacturer's quotation for 3105-o aluminum rolls for cake trays? Overall, the price is divided into market aluminum ingot prices and processing fees. Users can provide specific product specifications, including thickness, width, etc., to obtain product quotations. Therefore, there is no fixed quotation for the cost of 3105-o aluminum rolls per ton for cake trays. Users can compare products with three different suppliers and choose the one that suits them.

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