The ancient Chinese invented the compass, opened the era of human navigation. Today, Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co. , Ltd. marine aluminum plate project in the "Belt and Road" along the Southeast Asian market is booming. The best proof is that mintai aluminum signed about 180 tons of 5083-h321 marine aluminum sheets with Burmese customers.With the national "Belt and Road" planning, mingtai aluminum actively respond to and layout of "Belt and Road" along the market. For Burmese customers who buy ship plates, the thickness of 5083 aluminum plates is 3/4/5/6/8/10/12/16/20mm, and the width of products is mostly below 1500mm. Ca. 2200 mm, 6 m long, ca. 9 m. Customers have contacted the company through online channels, but there are some questions. However, after consulting MingTai's export data and purchasing records of surrounding customers, customers made industry-leading statements on MingTai's import volume and MingTai's strength. After more in-depth understanding and understanding, after the business staff enthusiasm and professional services and interpretation, the customer remote orders, and assured that we placed an order.

5083 marine aluminum plate
As we all know, most of the ship aluminum plate for 3-200 mm thick plate, aluminum plate width in 1500-2600 mm. MingTai's"1 + 1 Hot Rolling Line" project is very suitable for the width and thickness of marine aluminum sheet. In 2017, Mintel also introduced China's fourth ultra-wide 2,650 mm German SMS SIEMAG six-high cold rolling mill, making Mingtai aluminum marine aluminium plates wider, better shaped and flatter. The surface is more smooth, more delicate, corrosion protection effect is better. Most notably, ming Tai 5083 aluminum plate and other marine aluminum plate has been China Classification Society CCS (CCS) , Det Norske Veritas (DNV) , American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) , French classification society (BV)5, British Classification Society (LR) a total of 5 classification society certification.
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