5454-H32 aluminum plate for tank trucks, Good day everone, Do you know what aluminum alloy should be selected for the tank body of the tanker?
In North America, such as Mexico, alloy 5454 temper H32 of aluminum plate for tank trucks.
But in Europe, South America and Asia, 5083 alloy is more used in ank storage for oil, followed by

5182, 5754, as for the temper, it is basically O or H111.

5454-H32 aluminum plate for tank trucks
The Features of 5454-H32 aluminum plate for tank trucks:

  1. Moderate strength;
  2. Excellent corrosion resistance;
  3. Better weldability;
  4. Good formability;
  5. High elevated temperatures adaptability.

The Applications of 5454 aluminum plate

  1. Welding parts, mechanical components, vehicle bodies.
  2. Presure vessels, containers, boilers.
  3. Storage and transportation of liquid petroleum and industrial gas.
  4. Superstructures of fast ferries, yachts, workboats, fishboats etc.

5454-H32 aluminum plate for tank trucks produced has neat shear and flat surface.
If you are searching for 5454-H32 aluminum plate for the production storage tank, please feel free to contact us.