Aluminum foil lunch boxes made of aluminum foil can be processed into various shapes and are widely used in packaging of Western bakery, takeaway, cooked food, instant noodles, instant lunch boxes and other food fields. Lunch box aluminum foil alloys include 3004 aluminum foil, 3003 aluminum foil, and 8011 aluminum foil. , 5052 aluminum foil, 8006 aluminum foil, etc.

Aluminum foil lunch box 3004 VS 3003 aluminum foil advantages

Among them, the 3004 aluminum foil material used for lunch boxes is a 3-series hot-rolled aluminum foil alloy. 3004 aluminum foil has high hardness, good load-bearing, and better stamping effect than 3003 aluminum foil. It can be used in aluminum foil lunch boxes, food packaging, honeycomb aluminum foil, etc.The 3004 aluminum foil lunch box has a clean appearance and good thermal conductivity. It can be heated directly on the original packaging using kitchen utensils such as ovens, microwave ovens, and steamers. It is easy to use, safe, hygienic, has no odor, and does not leak. Aluminum resources can be recycled and reused, avoiding resource waste and protecting the environment.

3004 VS 3003 aluminum foil

3004 aluminum foil/3003 aluminum foil manufacturer

As a well-known enterprise in the aluminum processing industry, Mingtai Aluminum produces lunch box aluminum foil with a bright, smooth surface, clean surface, no oil stains, bright lines and other inclusions. The product is hygienic and has high elongation. The lunch box aluminum foil is made of 3004 VS 3003 aluminum foil supply also occupies a stable position in domestic and foreign markets.Mingtai Aluminum's main aluminum foil products include: food foil, tape foil, decorative foil, pharmaceutical foil, household foil and flexible packaging foil.Mingtai Aluminum has excellent products, fast delivery time of 10-45 days, and has its own logistics and transportation. Of course, customers can also choose to arrange their own freight and complete after-sales service.