Honeycomb cores are often used in building decoration materials. Their stable product performance and outstanding decorative effects make honeycomb core materials widely used. For example, curtain wall decoration, interior wall decoration, ceiling decoration and special shape decoration of modern buildings. All-aluminum home furnishings, which are popular nowadays, are also one of the main markets for aluminum honeycomb cores. 3004 honeycomb foil manufacturer customized.

Introduction to aluminum honeycomb core

The aluminum honeycomb core is made of multiple layers of aluminum foil bonded, laminated, and then stretched and expanded into a regular hexagonal honeycomb core. The raw materials are generally 3003 aluminum foil and 3004 aluminum foil. The aluminum honeycomb core has sharp and clear hole walls without burrs, making it suitable for high-quality core-to-surface bonding and other uses.

3004 aluminum foil for aluminum honeycomb core

The aluminum honeycomb core has a special structure. The dense honeycombs that restrain each other are like many small I-beams, which can disperse the pressure from the direction of the panel, making the panel evenly stressed and ensuring that the panel can maintain a high flatness even in a large area. High-strength aluminum honeycomb has the advantages of high compression rate, shear strength, light weight, etc., and is widely used in decorative materials, household appliances, lighting industry, transportation industry, and furniture industry.

3004 honeycomb foil is low-carbon and high-strength, and is very popular in the market

The aluminum honeycomb core is made of 3004 aluminum foil, which has the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, and high elongation. It belongs to the category of recycled aluminum and is one of Mingtai Aluminum's advantageous products. Mingtai Aluminum Company has rich experience and leading technology in the field of recycled aluminum. The company has advanced recycled aluminum grade preservation and utilization technology, which can refine and process scrap aluminum with high precision to produce high-quality recycled aluminum products. This technology can not only improve the utilization rate of scrap aluminum, but also ensure the quality and performance of the product.

3004 honeycomb foil

With the deepening of environmental awareness and the continuous advancement of technology, manufacturer customized, as a green and environmentally friendly material, is expected to usher in a broader development space. Mingtai Aluminum will continue to be committed to the research, development and innovation of recycled aluminum to promote the development of the industry and move towards a greener, environmentally friendly and sustainable future.