Aluminum bottle caps are mainly used for packaging wine, food and beverages, cosmetics, etc. Aluminum bottle caps are made of high-quality special aluminum alloy materials with excellent performance, can be mechanized and mass-produced, and are pollution-free. Currently, common aluminum cover materials include 1 series, 3 series, and 8 series alloys. Here we introduce 1060-h24 aluminum plate for aluminum cover.

Advantages of 1060 aluminum plate

The aluminum lid made of 1060 aluminum plate is very beautiful and widely used in the packaging of wine, beverages (including gas and non-gas) and medical and health products. It can meet the special needs of high-temperature cooking, sterilization and other high requirements. 1060-h24 aluminum plate has good forming effect, strong adaptability and good sealing effect. In addition, the 1060-h24 aluminum plate for aluminum cover has been anodized and has bright color and beautiful appearance.

1060-h24 aluminum plate price

How much does 1060-h24 aluminum plate cost per ton? As we all know, the price of 1060-h24 stamped aluminum plate should be determined based on actual conditions such as product quality, product specifications, manufacturer strength, market supply and demand, etc. Each aluminum plate manufacturer will reasonably customize the price according to similar standards..

Here, if you want to know the specific price of 1060-h24 aluminum plate, please consult a professional and provide the alloy thickness, width and aluminum plate dosage required for the bottle cap material. A business manager will give you a specific quote.

Taken together, the quotation standard of 1060-h24 aluminum plate manufacturers is the price of aluminum ingots plus processing fees. Here, if you want to know the price immediately, please do not hesitate to contact us! bring it on!

1060-h24 aluminum plate manufacturer

There are not many domestic manufacturers that produce good quality aluminum cover raw materials. We recommend Henan Mingtai. Mingtai's strength is the leader in the industry. It has 22 years of experience in aluminum plate processing, advanced equipment, mature processing technology, many product models, low prices, good service, good performance and many other advantages. It is the first choice of every user!

Therefore, if you need to know the price details of 1060-h24 aluminum plate, you can contact us at any time, or visit our factory in person! Welcome!