The thickness of aluminum foil lunch boxes is generally between 0.03mm and 0.20mm, and can be divided into wrinkled and wrinkle-free. It can also be divided into two types: disposable and reusable. In China, it is often called a tinfoil lunch box. It is made of 3 series or 8 series aluminum ingots. It is cold-rolled or hot-rolled into an aluminum foil master roll with uniform thickness, smooth surface, no pinholes, no dust particles, and no odor. Special equipment and molds are used for one-time fully automatic cold stamping production process. The alloys available for food container aluminum foil include 8011, 8006, 3003, 5052, and 3004 aluminum foil.

Lunch box aluminum foil

8011 aluminum foil brushed grade A, the surface is clean, the color is uniform, no spots, smooth and no pinholes

8006 aluminum foil is hot-rolled, with a tensile strength between 123-135. The 8006 aluminum foil product reaches grade A for brushing, with a flat shape and a clean surface without oil stains.

5052 aluminum foil has stable product performance and has multiple advantages such as clean oil removal, fewer pinholes, good product shape, no deformation during cutting, and good anti-rust effect. The products are widely used in honeycomb materials, door panel materials, lunch box materials and other fields.

Mingtai Aluminum's 5052 aluminum foil and 8006 aluminum foil are suitable for aerospace wrinkle-free lunch boxes. After stamping and forming, the edges have no wrinkles and the appearance is flat and smooth.

3004 food container aluminum foil

3003 aluminum foil has the advantages of clean surface, no oil stains, bright lines and other inclusions, safe and hygienic products, and high elongation rate. It is the supplier of aluminum foil raw materials for various aluminum lunch box manufacturers at home and abroad.

The new product 3004 lunch box material aluminum foil produces a smooth finished product with no black oil spots, small black threads, bright lines and other defects. The product quality is guaranteed and the price is affordable.

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