Polymer batteries refer to lithium-ion batteries that use aluminum plastic packaging film as the outer packaging, commonly known as soft pack batteries. 8021 aluminum foil is commonly known as aluminum plastic film, which is composed of plain aluminum foil, plastic film, and special glue bonded together. In the three-layer structure of aluminum plastic composite film, aluminum foil serves as the intermediate layer, mainly to prevent the infiltration of external water vapor into the battery and prevent the leakage of internal electrolyte. To ensure the long-term stable and safe operation of batteries, aluminum foil for aluminum plastic film needs to have high barrier properties, good cold stamping formability, puncture resistance, and stability.

8021 battery soft pack aluminum foil
8021 battery soft pack aluminum foil

8021 battery soft packaging aluminum foil has good extensibility and is mainly used in deep drawing packaging materials. 8021 battery soft pack aluminum foil has the following advantages:

1, High energy density.

2, Good safety.

3, Able to design according to customer needs.

The manufacturer of 8021 aluminum foil for lithium battery soft packaging and aluminum plastic film chooses Mingtai Aluminum Industry

Mingtai Aluminum adopts Andritz plate roller in the production of 8021 aluminum foil, providing guarantee for achieving good plate shape. The surface of the produced products is more uniform and flat, and the plate shape is flat; In addition, Honeywell thickness gauge is used to ensure excellent thickness control, enhance the surface tension of 8021 aluminum foil, and ensure that it is not less than 32 dynes under dyne pen testing. The error of aluminum foil roll misalignment does not exceed ± 1.0mm. Secondly, select aluminum foil blanks, strictly control the quality of the blanks, non-metallic slag inclusion and grain size, and ensure product quality from the raw materials.

Mingtai Aluminum Industry's 8021 aluminum foil surface is clean, flat, and free of oil stains. It has good adhesion and lamination performance during the aluminum plastic film composite process, and is not prone to detachment and delamination. It is one of the few domestic aluminum foil substrate manufacturers that can meet the processing requirements of lithium battery aluminum plastic film. If you have any purchasing needs, please feel free to call:+8617703819374, and Mingtai Aluminum will be happy to serve you.