As the name suggests, the air reservoir is a device used to store gas compressed by an air compressor. It is mainly used in automobile braking, horn and other systems. 5083 aluminum plate for air reservoir has the advantages of light weight, strong corrosion resistance, high safety factor and long service life.

The 5083 aluminum plate used for air storage cylinders is an aluminum-magnesium alloy with good formability, corrosion resistance, weldability, and high strength. It is usually used to manufacture sheet metal parts, pressure vessels, refrigeration devices, and hardware products for vehicles and ships. , electrical casing, etc. With the introduction of the concept of lightweight, aluminum alloys are increasingly used in vehicles. 5083 aluminum plates are used to make air reservoirs and are widely used in heavy trucks, semi-trailers and other heavy vehicles, in line with the current trend of lightweight trucks.

What are the advantages of 5083 aluminum plate for air reservoir?

1. Good cleanliness. The surface of the aluminum alloy plate is coated with film and has better cleanliness.

2. Long service life. A dense protective film of aluminum oxide is naturally formed on the aluminum surface, which can well protect the substrate from corrosion and has a long service life.

3. Lightweight advantage. Aluminum alloy materials have low density and light weight, which can reduce the weight of the car body.

4. 5083 aluminum plate has good weldability and can withstand greater pressure.

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