Color-coated aluminum coil refers to aluminum coil with a coating on the surface. It has a bright color appearance, excellent corrosion resistance, good fire resistance, and is easy to install. It is widely used in the construction industry, interior decoration, electronic product housing, road signs and other fields. The color-coated aluminum substrate can use 1 series, 3 series, and 5 series aluminum plate products. Today, we will focus on introducing 3104 aluminum coil color-coated aluminum.

Performance advantages of 3104 aluminum coil color-coated aluminum

3104 aluminum coil belongs to 3 series aluminum-manganese alloy. It is a deformed aluminum alloy with a tensile strength of more than 275MPa and an elongation of up to 20%. It has good formability, corrosion resistance and weldability, and is suitable for thinning, stretching and lightweighting to reduce material consumption. In addition, it also has very good recyclability, and the cost performance is very high, which is very popular in the market.

3104 aluminum coil-color-coated aluminum price

The pricing rule of aluminum coil manufacturers for aluminum coil products is "aluminum ingot price + processing fee". Due to the fluctuation of aluminum ingot prices, the quotation will fluctuate. The processing fee is related to the manufacturer's production cost input. To obtain a specific quotation, please provide the thickness, width, and demand of the required product. The customer service will arrange a special business to provide you with an accurate quotation.

3104 aluminum procurement guide for color coating

Aluminum alloy has now penetrated all walks of life, especially in the fields of construction, transportation, and industry. The demand is very large. As one of the widely used aluminum sheet alloys, 3104 aluminum coils have thousands of manufacturers that can produce them on the market driven by market demand. How to choose a reliable manufacturer among many manufacturers is a problem that every user needs to face. Here Mingtai Aluminum Industry makes a few suggestions for reference:

1. On-site inspection, get a close understanding of the scale, strength, and production status of the manufacturer

When purchasing large quantities of aluminum coils, it is recommended that users visit the manufacturer on site, inspect the scale of the factory, production equipment, technical strength, and other aspects, and identify large-scale and strong regular manufacturers.

2. Compare prices from three manufacturers and try to choose large direct-selling manufacturers

Direct-selling manufacturers have no middlemen to earn the price difference, which saves a lot of intermediate links and can avoid a lot of trouble. Also note that you should compare prices from three manufacturers and compare prices for the same quality.

Mingtai Aluminum's 3104 aluminum coil has mature production technology, excellent quality and favorable price. It is widely used in blinds, lamp holders, oxide materials, mobile phone battery shells, automobile fuel tanks, construction and other fields. Users who want to know more about the price details of 3104 aluminum coil can consult Mingtai Aluminum for free, and professional business personnel will serve you online in real time.