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Embossed Aluminum Plate

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Embossed Aluminum Plate Features

Embossed aluminum plate is also known as checked aluminum plate or non-slip aluminum plate. The main products of the embossed aluminum plate are 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx and 6xxx aluminum alloy plates. The embossed aluminum plate produced by Mingtai Aluminum has a rib, two ribs, three ribbed aluminum plates, five ribbed aluminum plates and orange embossed aluminum plates. Embossed aluminum sheets are widely used in anti-skid floors, decoration and other fields such as construction, vehicles and ships.

Embossed Aluminum Plate
According to customer requirements, the composition of embossed aluminum alloy is also different. At present, we canproduce aluminum alloy embossed plate processed with 1060 aluminum plate as the base, which can adapt to the normal environment and the price is low. Usually, such a embossed aluminum plate is often used in cold storage, floor and outer packaging.

AL-Mn Aluminum alloy embossed plate: It is made of 3003 aluminum plate.This aluminum plate is also called rust-proof aluminum plate. Its strength is slightly higher than that of ordinary aluminum alloy plate. It has certain anti-rust performance, but its hardness and corrosion resistance are up to Less than 5000 series of pattern plates, so the product is used in the requirements of less stringent rust prevention, such as truck models, cold storage floor.

Aluminum-magnesium alloy embossed plate: It is made of 5000 series aluminum plate such as 5052 aluminum alloy plate or 5083 alloy aluminum plate, which has good corrosion resistance, hardness and rust resistance. It is usually used in special places, such as ships, compartment lights, and humid environments. The aluminum plate has high hardness and a certain load-bearing capacity.

Embossed aluminum plate 5005 can not heat treatment to strengthen. Its plasticity is good in cold work hardening. whenthe cold work hardening, it has low plasticity, good corrosion resistance and weld-ability, but cutting performance is bad. Because of high plasticity and weld-ability, embossed aluminum plate 5005 are commonly used in transportvehicles, ship parts, instrument, lamp stent and rivet, metal products, electrical enclosure, etc.
What’s more, it can also be used in the manufacture of aircraft fuel tank, oil pipe, aerospace. Embossed aluminum plate 5005 is a typical anti-rust alloy material.

Textured Aluminum Plate 5005
Mingtai pattern aluminum plate performance advantage:

1. According to customer needs, production according to specifications and dosage

2, listed companies, quality assurance, logistics and one-stop service

3, Mingtai's fast online quenching line, while ensuring product quality, greatly shortens the production cycle and improves the processing performance of the patterned aluminum sheet.

Mingtai Aluminum has more than 20 years of production and processing experience, is China's top ten aluminum sheet and aluminum foil manufacturers, suppliers and exporters, listed companies, 7-35 days delivery, stable product quality, global exports, affordable, you can rest assured to buy!

Embossed Aluminum Plate Chemical Composition

Embossed Aluminum Plate Parameters


5005 Embossed/Textured Aluminum Sheet







H112,H114,H 116,H321








High-end curtain wall panels, cookware, instrument cases, architectural decorative parts

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