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No matter what your problem is, Mingtai has a solution. We focus on working out the exceptional aluminum substrate solutions that well fit to your custom-designed needs.

Mingtai 172 tons of 5083 Marine Aluminum Sheet in Norway Application

Mingtai Aluminum's 5083 ultra-wide and ultra-thick aluminum plate, the internal stress is eliminated, the cutting is not deformed, the widest is 2650mm, and the thickest is 500mm. It is one of the few manufacturers in China that can produce ultra-wide and ultra-thick aluminum plates.

Applications of 5083 aluminum alloy plates:

1. Shipbuilding: yachts, patrol ships, cargo ships, workboats, fishboats etc.
2. Presure vessels, storage tanks.
3. Vehicle bodies:metro train, tip truck and tank truck bodies etc.
4. Aluminum armor, aircraft welding parts.

Mingtai 172 tons of 5083 Marine Aluminum Sheet in Norway Application


Good news! The 172 tons order was handed to Mingtai Al. by customers from Norway. the client contacted Mingtai Aluminium through the network channel, but there were some doubts. However, after referring to Mingtai's export data and purchasing records of surrounding customers, the customer made an industry-leading statement on Mingtai's export volume and Mingtai's strength After a deeper understanding and understanding, after the enthusiastic and professional service and explanation of the business staff, After several rounds of consultations, the Norwegian client finally placed the order to Mingtai Al.! The purchased Marine grade aluminum is 5083 aluminum sheet, thickness*width* length specification is 4*1500*2800 (mm), 110 tons, 6.5*1500*2800 (mm), 22 tons, 8.5*1500*2800 (mm), 40 tons, a total of 172 tons of 5083 marine grade aluminum sheet!


As we all know, marine aluminum plates are mostly 3-200mm thick sheets, and the width of aluminum plates ranges from 1500-2600mm. Mingtai's "1 + 1 hot-rolled production line" project is very suitable for the aluminum plate width and thickness requirements for marine aluminum plates. In 2017, Mingtai Aluminum also introduced the fourth ultra-wide 2650mm German SMS Siemag six-roll cold rolling mill in China, which made Mingtai Aluminum's marine aluminum plate wider, better in shape, and flatter. The surface is smoother and more delicate, and the antiseptic effect is better. The most worth mentioning is that Mingtai  5083 aluminum plate and other marine aluminum plates have successively won China Classification Society (CCS), Norwegian Classification Society (DNV), American Classification Society (ABS), French Classification Society (BV) 5, British Classification Society (LR) a total of 5 classification societies certification. Mingtai products are worth your choice! Here, if you have any needs, then don't hesitate to click on our online customer service consultation, get a free quote and other consultation! Mingtai sincerely looks forward to your inquiry!


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