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No matter what your problem is, Mingtai has a solution. We focus on working out the exceptional aluminum substrate solutions that well fit to your custom-designed needs.

3003 Aluminum coil Supplier Delivers Quality 213 Tons to UAE

Practical Product from 3003 Aluminum sheet coil Supplier

3003 aluminum alloy is the most widely used of all aluminum alloys. It is basically commercial pure aluminum with manganese added, which is 20% stronger than 1100. With excellent corrosion resistance and workability, it can be deep drawn or rotated, welded or brazed.
Typical applications: cookware, kitchen equipment, decorative strips, awnings, wall panels, storage tanks, chemical equipment.
Available products: flat plates, expanded grid plates, perforated plates and plates

3003 Aluminum coil Supplier Delivers Quality 213 Tons to UAE

UAE 213 Tons 3003 Aluminum coil both Quality and Speed in Deliveries

This is really exciting news! Just in the middle of May this year, a client from UAE purchased 3003 aluminum coil from us, total 213 tons . This UAE client from a company that has been dealing with the marketing of aluminum and metals in general for a decade. And they have always looked for new 3003 aluminum coil supplier for both quality and speed in deliveries. The UAE client told us they had never bought this material from China before. But he found that we are a 3003 aluminum Coil supplier and manufacturer, and he sent us a very detailed email with product information. Our client service staff immediately matched to the professional business for negotiation. After patiently waiting for the quotation and analysis of our business, the client assured us the opportunity of purchasing 3003 aluminum Coil from China for the first time!

Mingtai- China Superior Quality 3003 Aluminum sheet coil supplier

Mingtai Aluminum is China's top ten aluminum sheet/coil/foil suppliers and manufacturers. Annual output of 750,000 tons. Customer specified size.And Mingtai FDA / KOSHER certified 3004/3003 aluminum foil for food container is extremely competitive in the international market! so  if you are interested in our products,Welcome to consult us!


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