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No matter what your problem is, Mingtai has a solution. We focus on working out the exceptional aluminum substrate solutions that well fit to your custom-designed needs.

3004 Aluminum Foil Supplier Delivers Quality 180 Tons to Germany

Practical products for 3004 aluminum foil suppliers

3004 aluminum foil is the star product of Mingtai 3004 aluminum foil supplier! As we all know, 3004 aluminum foil is an upgraded version of 3003 aluminum foil. It is a typical food-grade aluminum foil with higher strength, high hardness, good load-bearing, and better stamping effect than 3003 aluminum foil. The most important thing is that 3004 aluminum foil heated at high temperature will not spill harmful substances to contaminate food. It has the advantages of safety, hygiene, reliability, shading, airtightness, moisture resistance, etc., which is not available in other disposable packaging materials. In addition, because the specific gravity of 3004 aluminum foil is lighter, compared with products of the same size stamped from other materials, the stamping of 3004 aluminum alloy foil is also lighter, which has good formability and effectively reduces costs. In the market, 3004 aluminum foil is the perfect raw material for food containers, lunch boxes, food packaging, etc. It has strong practicability and has won the favor of every 3004 aluminum foil supplier!

3004 Aluminum Foil Supplier Delivers Quality 180 Tons to Germany

Germany 180 tons of 3004 aluminum foil both Quality and Speed in Deliveries

This is really exciting news! Just in mid-September this year, a German customer purchased 3004 aluminum foil from us, a total of 9 containers of 180 tons. This German customer comes from a company that has been engaged in the marketing of aluminum and metals for ten years. They are always looking for new 3004 aluminum foil suppliers to ensure the quality and speed of delivery. German customers told us that they had never purchased this material from China before. But he discovered that we are a supplier and manufacturer of 3004 aluminum foil, and he sent us a very detailed e-mail with product information. Our customer service staff immediately matched professional business negotiations. After waiting patiently for the quotation and analysis of our business, the customer assured us for the first time the opportunity to purchase 3004 aluminum foil from China!

Mingtai Aluminum - China Superior Quality 3004 Aluminum Foil supplier

Here, Mingtai Al. It is one of the top ten aluminum foil/coil/sheet manufacturers in China. As a high-end 3004 aluminum foil supplier, Mingtai Aluminum provides the advantages of good shape, no black lines, no bright lines, and no pinholes. The product is safe, hygienic, high quality and low price. More importantly, Mingtai 3004 aluminum foil has obtained FDA certification! Therefore, Mingtai 3004 aluminum foil suppliers are confident to assure you of high quality and speed of delivery! Most importantly, I am deeply grateful to every customer for their support, Mingtai Aluminum Will continue to innovate and surpass!

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