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factory direct 6063 aluminum alloy sheet price


2020-06-29 10:20

From the technical point of view, the aluminum plate refers to a rectangular plate formed by rolling an aluminum ingot. It is divided into pure aluminum plate, alloy aluminum plate, thin aluminum plate, and medium-thick aluminum plate. From the alloy, it can be divided into 1-8 series. Aluminum plates vary in size, thickness and thickness, and countless specifications. So how to calculate the price of aluminum sheet after all, what are the determinants of "how much is a ton of aluminum sheet?"

Aluminum ingot market quotation

As we all know, the price of aluminum ingots is fluctuating every day. Therefore, the price of aluminum products of the same specifications from suppliers will also change as the price of aluminum ingots fluctuates. For example, the price of aluminum ingots on a certain day in X month is 1600 US dollars, and today's quotation is 1550 US dollars. If you buy aluminum plates now, the price of aluminum ingots is at least 50 US dollars per ton.

Aluminum processing cost

Different alloy grades have different processing costs per ton. Even if they are the same type of aluminum plate, inquiries from several different aluminum plate manufacturers may have different costs. This is related to the supplier's equipment capabilities, product quality, and other capital costs.

factory direct 6063 aluminum alloy sheet

Taking Mingtai Aluminum, a leading aluminum plate manufacturer in Henan Gongyi, as an example, the processing cost of a certain specification of 1060-H18 alloy aluminum coil is about 250 US dollars, and the processing cost of 6061 aluminum sheet price is 1500 per ton. USD or more. The prices of other manufacturers are also different, mainly due to the influence of supplier strength, cost control, quality control and other aspects.

About freight for international trade

For large-scale aluminum industrial products, logistics transportation is an important link in the supply of aluminum plates. The length of the delivery interval and the number of goods affect the freight accounting of aluminum plates. In general, the average transportation cost per ton of aluminum plates is 300- 500. Under normal circumstances, some larger suppliers are equipped with a more complete logistics system, which can save some of the transportation costs. The most important thing is that for international trade, generally free shipping.

Now, we can see that: aluminum sheet quotation = (aluminum ingot price + processing fee + freight) * quantity.

How much is a ton of aluminum plate, that is to say, the factory quotation of a ton of aluminum plate is composed of the aluminum ingot price + processing fee at that time, as long as the aluminum ingot price of the day is inquired, consult Mingtai Aluminum and other production suppliers about a certain The processing cost of aluminum sheet, then, factory direct 6063 aluminum alloy sheet price can be easily calculated.

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