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introduce aluminium sheet price per kg


2020-06-27 11:10

Premise of calculated aluminum sheet price per kg

Generally, to know the aluminum sheet price per kg, you need to first understand the aluminum sheet thickness, width, and length according to the customer’s aluminum sheet specifications, requirements, and usage. The basic unit is meter.

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Specific steps to calculate the price of aluminum sheet

The total weight of the aluminum sheet must be calculated first. Total weight of aluminum plate (unit: kg) = length × thickness × width × density of aluminum (2.7) × number of aluminum plates. Then calculate the exact price per kg of this type of aluminum plate: the price of the aluminum ingot on the same day + the total processing fee of the product of the manufacturer.

aluminium sheet price -2

Example of calculating aluminum sheet prices

Multiplying the total weight of the aluminum plate by the price of the aluminum plate per ton is the accurate quote for the product. Let's take 500 aluminum plates of 2.0mm thickness, 1200mm width and 2400mm length as examples:
First calculate the weight of the product: 2.0×1.2×2.4×2.7×500=7.8048 tons. Assuming that the price of aluminum ingots on the day is 1700 US dollars/ton, and the processing fee of aluminum plate manufacturers is 300 US dollars per ton as an example, then the price of 1000 kg aluminum sheet per ton given by the aluminum plate manufacturer is (1700+300)×7.8048= 15609.6 USD.

aluminium sheet price -3

Influencing factors of aluminum plate price

International aluminum ingot prices

The change in the price of aluminum ingots has the greatest impact on the price of aluminum plates. The change in the price of aluminum ingots directly determines the current price of aluminum plates. As the most important raw material for the production of aluminum plates, the price of aluminum ingots continues to rise and fall in the futures market, and the prices are different every moment, resulting in the production costs of manufacturers fluctuating continuously with the price of aluminum ingots. The price of aluminum ingot + processing cost is calculated, so the cost of aluminum plates produced in different batches is different.

Production process and alloy composition

Aluminum sheet plates are divided into 8 series of hundreds of brands, less than one millimeter thin, and dozens of centimeters thick. Different production processes and alloy compositions determine the huge difference in cost. For example, for the same 3mm aluminum plate, the production cost of 1060 pure aluminum plate is compared with 6061, and the latter is 2-3 times that of the former. Generally speaking, the thicker the aluminum plate, the larger the cross-sectional area, the better the mechanical and chemical properties, and the higher the production cost.

Personnel, storage, transportation, processing costs

 Although these factors have the least impact on the price of aluminum plates, in the long run, the increasing cost of personnel, storage and transportation will also cause the price of aluminum plates to rise; and many customers will require secondary cutting of aluminum plates, and the processing costs will naturally also Will affect the final price of aluminum plate. The price of the aluminum plate can be calculated as follows: aluminum plate price = (aluminum ingot price + processing fee + freight) * quantity. But for overseas orders, there is no problem of shipping costs, Mingtai provide free shipping and local shipping costs.

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The above is some important information about the price of aluminum plate, I hope it will be useful to everyone. With advanced production equipment, high-quality product quality and intimate after-sales service, Mingtai stands out in the aluminum sheet processing industry and has been widely praised by partners and customers around the world. We will also continue to work hard and innovate constantly to provide our customers with better products, cheaper prices and more thoughtful service.

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