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perforated aluminum sheet metal sheet / aluminium sheets


2020-06-22 08:52

Perforated aluminum sheet is increasingly used in the interior and exterior decoration of large-scale projects, iconic buildings and high-end commercial residential buildings, showing broad development prospects. Does anyone know the purpose of perforated aluminium sheets? You can follow the editor to understand.

What is perforated aluminum sheet?

The perforated aluminum sheet is made of aluminum alloy plate, and the surface can be equipped with holes of various types. perforated aluminum metal sheet can be used for indoor or outdoor wall surface, generally used for the decoration of the outer surface of large buildings. Aluminum alloy material is not only light and corrosion resistant, it is the best choice for decoration.

perforated aluminum sheet production process

Perforated aluminum sheet is an aluminum plate product obtained through perforation and other processes, so the appearance is very important. If it is due to insufficient process technology and other reasons, it will affect the appearance of the perforated aluminum sheet, so you must master the precise The pattern density should not be too dense or too wide. Of course, a professional aluminum sheet manufacturer will give you the most reasonable perforation plan. Based on this, in order to make the appearance of perforated aluminum sheet products reach a delicate effect, Mingtai Aluminum strictly requires the perforation link, and professional designers to adjust the plan.

perforated aluminum sheet-1

Perforated aluminum sheet shape appearance

The perforated aluminum sheet's perforated shape is an important parameter that determines whether the appearance of the product is beautiful. Generally speaking, the perforated aluminum sheet can be designed into circular, square, plum shape and other shapes according to actual needs. The larger the mesh size, the better the quality of the aluminum sheet. The lighter, but the weaker the pressure and tensile strength, which affects the application of perforated aluminum sheet metal sheet. Therefore, the customer must design the size of the mesh according to the actual needs of the project.

perforated aluminum sheet-2

The purpose of perforated aluminum sheet metal sheet

perforated aluminum sheet as the main body of the external performance of the building, the overall effect of perforated aluminum sheets with different plate types and construction methods is different. As a complete and powerful image, the building stands in the open natural environment. The perforated aluminum sheet skin with rich shapes covers the facade of the building. The light is filtered by the building skin, and the light entering the building becomes very soft, creating interior Very good light environment.

perforated aluminum sheet-3

The perforated aluminum sheet curtain wall, as the most direct morpheme to show the visual expression of architecture, has become a platform for major architects to explore and differentiate. Personalized decorative hanging panels for external walls can be made into any shape. The material has a fire rating of A2, light weight, good rigidity, and excellent corrosion resistance. It can resist corrosion such as wind, sun or acid rain, and has a service life of more than 20 years. Aluminum metal sheet quickly stands out among many materials in the application of architectural skin decoration and shading.

Do you have any idea about perforated aluminum sheet? If you have any questions, please contact the editor. The editor will further answer your questions. Thank you for your interpretation! Don't forget to come to Xiaobian to check it out frequently, and will continue to write more explanations and applications about perforated aluminum plates.

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