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painting aluminum sheet metal production process


2020-06-21 10:43

The surface adhesion of aluminum sheet metal is poor. It is difficult to spray paint directly and have good adhesion to the surface of aluminum. Even if it is barely applied, it will quickly fall off. Then you need to make a layer of primer on the aluminum alloy substrate to increase the adhesion of the paint, and then spray the top coat. Therefore, the steps of spraying aluminum surface are as follows:

1. Preparation and conditions before spraying:

Weather conditions: The paint must be applied under the conditions of fine weather, and it is forbidden to apply under the conditions of rain, fog, snow and large dust. The best temperature for spray application is about 25°C and the humidity is below 80%RH.

Substrate treatment: aluminum sheet alloy substrate should be polished and oxidized. The surface should be derusted and degreased, and should be clean, dry and free of dirt. Remove the dust and fill it up before spraying the paint, and ensure that the substrate is dry before spraying.

painting aluminum sheet metal-1

2. Spraying of primer:

After obtaining a good surface treatment effect on the surface of the aluminum alloy (no oil stains, no dust, and a certain surface roughness), you can use epoxy zinc-rich primer for painting aluminum alloy sheet. The primer has good adhesion to the aluminum alloy surface, especially the two-component epoxy zinc yellow primer. The paint has the characteristics of high adhesion, toughness, hardness, etc. peculiar to epoxy paint, and good supporting performance.

Mixing ratio: primer: primer curing agent: thinner = 4:1: appropriate amount. Stir the paint for 5 minutes before mixing until uniform. Weigh with a more accurate electronic scale according to the mixing ratio to ensure accurate mixing ratio. After the paint is mixed, stir it with a clean aluminum bar or iron rod until it is completely uniform. Do not mix other types of paints, solvents, etc. during construction, and keep the spraying environment clean. After mixing, use up within 2H. After the ambient temperature is greater than 30℃, the usable time after mixing should be shortened.

painting aluminum sheet metal-2

3. Topcoat spraying:

The top coat directly selects the aluminum alloy special paint. The paint is composed of imported hydroxy acrylic resin, pigments and additives. The paint has extremely strong adhesion on the surface of the aluminum alloy, fast drying, can be dried or baked at room temperature, and has a very strong protective and decorative effect.

Fix the color by spraying for the first time. Don't pay too much attention to spray marks and metal stains, just spray a layer to determine the color. It is better to move the spraying tool a little faster. Repeating spraying once can solve the problem. If the color is not enough, you can spray again according to the second spraying method. The second spraying-correction spraying.

painting aluminum sheet metal-3

 The above are the implementation methods and techniques for the manufacturing process of Mingtai Aluminum's painting aluminum sheet metal. I hope it will help you. Mingtai Aluminum is a professional aluminum sheet manufacturer. The produced aluminum sheet metal has a good effect after painting and the product quality is high.

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