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aluminum jig tooling plate for tolling production uses


2020-06-19 11:09

Introduction of 7050 aluminum jig tooling plate

The main alloy element of 7050 aluminum jig tooling plate is zinc, which is a high-strength heat treatable alloy. 7050 aluminum jig plate has extremely high strength and resistance to spalling corrosion and stress corrosion cracking. 7050 aluminum can also be used in aerospace structure, mechanical equipment and other places.

7050 aluminum plate for jig tooling

7050 aluminum alloy mainly contains zinc element and also belongs to aviation series. It has high hardness and good wear resistance. Mingtai is a professional manufacturer of 7050 aluminum plate. There will be an introduction at the end of the article. The 7050 aluminum plate produced by it is stress-relieved and will not be deformed after processing. All ultra-large and ultra-thick 7050 aluminum plates are ultrasonically detected to ensure no trachoma and impurities.

aluminum jig tooling plate-1

7050 aluminum tooling plate specifications

Alloy temper
7050 aluminum plate O, T6, T651, T7451
 10-300 mm
<2650 mm
 <15000 mm
Typical Use
Gao Erfu ball head, mold, tooling fixture, etc.

7050 T651 aluminum jig plate

7050-T651 aluminum jig plate has high tensile strength, far better than mild steel, high hardness, strong corrosion resistance; has good mechanical properties and anode reaction; 7050 T651 aluminum plate alloy can be heat treated, commonly used in aircraft structural parts Thick plate extrusion, free forging and die forging.

aluminum jig tooling plate

professional  aluminum sheet manufacturer - Mingtai Auminum

Mingtai Auminum's 1+1 hot rolling production line was completed and put into production. The technical equipment and process are mature. The performance of 7050 aluminum sheet production is superior, and the international market recognition is high. It provides a solid foundation for the large-scale production of 7050 aluminum sheet. In addition, the 5 series and 6 series aluminum plates produced by Mingtai can also be used to manufacture jig tooling products.

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