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Is aluminum foil in dryer safe?


2020-06-10 10:43

When it comes to aluminum foil, many people may immediately think of the tin foil used in the oven, but when it comes to aluminum foil in dryer, many people may not understand what it is. In fact, in life, if you pay attention, you can also see Aluminum foil high-temperature air ducts, like some Korean barbecue restaurants, as well as kitchen, bathroom, etc. are also used in aluminum foil in dryer. So, what about aluminum foil in dryer?

1. Aluminum foil in dryer

Aluminum foil in dryer is divided into single-layer or double-layer structure, made of reinforced aluminum foil, and supported by spiral high-tensile steel wire. It is mainly used for range hoods, integrated environmental protection stoves, dryers, bathroom heaters and other ventilation and air systems. Used in various mechanical ventilation. It has temperature, acid and alkali, chemical, exhaust gas and other exhaust hoses; it is extremely flame retardant. Highly flexible and flexible, easy to construct.

2. What are the characteristics of aluminum foil in dryer?

aluminum foil in dryer is suitable for medium and low wind speed systems. Aluminum foil has undergone high-temperature combustion test, and it has high temperature resistance and fire resistance. At the same time, it is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, oil resistance and chemical resistance.

3. The role of aluminum foil

Aluminum foil can be lined with desiccants, particle dryers in the plastics industry, printing machinery, hair dryers and compressors, engine heating and other machinery due to its excellent properties of acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance and flame retardancy. It has temperature-resistant, acid-base, chemical, exhaust gas and other exhaust hoses, and is extremely flame retardant.

The above is a brief introduction by Dido editors. What is aluminum foil in dryer? The application of aluminum foil in dryer. Aluminum foil in dryer is widely used in our lives. Many things used in life are closely related to it. Many fields play a very important role.

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