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3003 aluminum coil roll introduction and application


2020-04-25 11:32

3003 aluminum coil roll product introduction

3003 aluminum coil roll conforms to GBT 3190-2008 standard, its main chemical components include Si and Zn. Its mechanical properties: tensile strength σb (MPa)) 140-180, conditional yield strength σ0.2 (MPa)) ≥ 115.For other confidences, please check the news of 3003 aluminum coil or 3003 aluminum alloy coil.

3003 aluminum coil roll classification

3003 aluminum coil roll is divided into hot rolled aluminum coil and cast rolled aluminum coil. The hot rolling production process is complicated and the production cost is high. The plasticity is stable and the surface printing effect is better than other materials. In terms of performance, 3003 roll aluminum coil is extended Performance also has advantages over other materials, so most of them are used in products with high ductility requirements. Most of the 3003 aluminum coil roll are used for anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft cap material applications.

3003 aluminum coil roll stamping performance

At present, as long as the aluminum bottle cap material with a punching depth of more than 3 cm is basically made of aluminum material with 3003 aluminum coil roll, the stamping depth can even reach more than 8 cm. The casting and rolling production process is simple and the yield is high, so most of them are used in some products with low requirements and shallow stamping depth. Such as medical bottle caps, can lids, dinner plates and other products.

3003 aluminum coil roll

aluminum coil manufacturer - Mingtai ALuminum Co.,Ltd

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a professional aluminum coil manufacturer. The 3003 aluminum coil roll produced has good deep-drawing performance and low ear-making rate. Based on the quality of the cap material, Mingtai Aluminum has been well received by major companies in the market, and has established a good cooperative relationship with the domestic large aluminum anti-counterfeit bottle cap production company-Shandong Lipeng Co., Ltd.

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