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Mingtai Focuses on Processing of Aluminum Plate and Strip for 20 Years


2019-10-14 15:36

Since its establishment, after 20 years of hard work, Mingtai has always focused on the processing of aluminum plate and strip, foil, which produces products intently.Today, the sale volume of mingtai aluminum paltes and strip, foil is very large around the world. Mingtai has developed into a leading brand in the aluminum processing industry.

At the early development of Mingtai, the business plan of it  was positioned as a quality brand road. At present, Mingtai person in charge said that, Mingtaihas always regarded quality as the core competitiveness of enterprise for many years. In the filed of aluminum plate, aluminum strip, aluminum foil, It gradually upgraded the equipment grade and the lever of technology, Mingtai with high products quality became a leader in the domestic market. This brand has been unanimously recognized by a lot of customers, and  truly  become a symbol of high-quality aluminum plate and strip.

Manufacture of Aluminum Plate

The person in charge of Mingtai Aluminum said that Mingtai’s future strategic layout will also focus on quality. No matter which market is developed or which products are developed, competitive quality products will be launched to satisfy customers and make the market recognized. “At present, Mingtai's products for rail transit aluminum plate, as well as aluminum strip for marine vessels, have made great progress. Some of our technologies have reached international standards, but in the transition, we are still insist that the quality is the dominant factor, which is our competitive advantage and the core competitiveness that Mingtai continues to build."

Now Mingtai has developed into a large-scale modern manufacturing enterprise integrating processing, research and development and sales of aluminum plate, strip and foil. It is a demonstration enterprise of aluminum plate and foil processing in Henan, which promotes the positive development of the domestic aluminum processing industry. In the future, Mingtai Aluminum will continue to focus on the processing of aluminum plate and foil. It is believed that Mingtai will achieve even greater achievements in the field of aluminum plate, strip and foil.

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