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High quality 1.0mm 5052 aluminum alloy coil on sale


2019-05-17 09:48

High quality 1.0mm 5052  aluminium coil for sale: aluminium plates are also ubiquitous in our lives, such as various household appliances in our lives, as well as a variety of electronic products and automotive products. The weight and strength of alloy aluminium plate is not high. Although the strength of aluminium alloy plate is not high, it can be doubled by cold working. Moreover, the strength of alloy aluminum alloy plate can be further strengthened by adding alloy elements and heat treatment, which is comparable to that of high quality alloy steel.

Aluminum alloy coils have good plasticity. They can be rolled into aluminum sheets and foils, drawn into aluminum pipes and filaments, and processed by various machine tools.

1.0 5052 aluminum alloy coils

Aluminum coils are usually packaged in the way of derrick. The derrick is mostly made of wood. The upper and lower parts are made of two wooden squares. For the height of the lower part, it can meet the operation requirements of forklift trucks.

The commonly used aluminum alloy plate coil thickness is 1.0mm and 1.2mm . Among them, the kitchenware industry has a large demand for aluminum wafers, especially abroad, because of its lightweight, easy processing, aluminum alloy plate kitchenware products are more and more popular with customers. The 0.8mm aluminium coils produced by Mingtai Aluminum are hot rolled and cold rolled. Among them, 1060 and 3003 aluminium coils are very popular.

The thickness of aluminium circle is 0.5-5 mm.which can be processed and customized to different diameter of aluminium discs. The outer diameter range can be from 80 mm to 900 mm. Specific specifications of the die can be consulted with relevant personnel.

Aluminum coil production and processing, generally divided into punch processing and manual processing: for example, 8.5mm thickness of aluminum alloy plate manufacturers

Punch Processing: 1. Blank Cutting (Cutting Square) 2. Blanking (Cutting into the coil aluminum you want)

Manual processing: mainly for some special specifications for manual punching.

How to calculate the weight of aluminium coil?

In the exchange with foreign customers, foreign customers generally like to purchase according to sheets, so the calculation of the price of each sheet of aluminum alloy plate is slightly troublesome, so how to calculate the weight of the aluminum alloy plate disk?

Weight (sheet/KG)=(3.1415926)* radius square (m)* thickness (m m)*2.71 (density)

Weight of a ton = 1000/as above

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