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Performance advantages of cookware materials 3003 aluminium plate


2019-05-09 13:24

We are good at providing a very consistent anodizing surface. Compared to other metals, China 3003 aluminum sheet is highly thermally conductive (aluminum alloy plates delivers the highest thermal conductivity of all cookware materials), cheap, and low-density.

We are considered to be one of the leading manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of an excellent range of Aluminum plates in China. Available in varied thickness and diameters, our entire aluminum circle stock is made of best aluminum grade. these aluminum alloy plates are extensively used in making aluminum cookware. In addition, these are also used in manufacturing pressure vessels and many other industrial cooking vessels.

3003 aluminium plate

China 3003 aluminum sheet price for Cookware and Pan Aluminum alloy is widely used in structure of building ,doors ,windows ,ceilings and decorative materials , including container walling ,corrugated sheet ,tread plates and coated sheets ,etc



Thickness:0.5mm to 4mm

Diameter:100mm to 980mm

Mingtai Aluminum's 3003 aluminium alloy plates is commonly used in high quality anodizing cookware/aluminum circle plate for Kitchenware / cookware  like Japanese rice cookers.

Product Features:

Wide range of selection on aluminum circles’ size including customized shape and size.

Excellent Surface Quality.

Excellent deep drawing and spinning quality.

Heavy gauge circles ideal for hard anodized cookware.

Anodizing Quality and Deep Drawing Quality which is suitable for cookware as well.

Well-Protected Packing.

It has light weight, high strength to weight ratio, corrosion resistance, electrical and thermal conductivity and no toxicity.

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