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Production technology of circle polished aluminium


2019-04-29 14:00

Circle polished aluminium is used for cold extrusion of capacitor shells, hoses and aluminium shells of various specifications, ranging from 0.02mm to 50mm and from 10mm to 3000mm in diameter. It is mainly determined by the use of the aluminum product. Most of them are 1, 3, 5, 6 and 8 series.

Aluminum circle is a product obtained after deep processing of aluminium plate, which is in great demand in the market. The surface of aluminium circle disc is bright and beautiful, and it is a common material for kitchen utensils. What are the technical characteristics of aluminium circles production?

The production process of aluminium circle cutter mainly includes the following six points:

1. NC automatic, this production line from coil uncoiling, until the completion of the entire coil material blanking without manual contact with any materials, without any adjustment, fundamentally eliminates the production safety risks and product quality risks of ordinary punch punching.

2. The line can produce wafers directly with coils without the need of longitudinal and transverse shearing of coils. It reduces the production process, reduces the production cost and reduces the possibility of damage to the surface of coils.

3. This spinning aluminium circle line makes full use of the width of coil aluminum material and adopts high-precision servo motor drive system to control, so as to reduce the aluminium disc spacing and the disc-to-edge distance to a small extent, fundamentally reduce the amount of waste, so that the utilization rate of raw materials can reach more than 80%.

4. The production speed can reach 20-60 tablets per minute, which improves the production efficiency.

5. Because of the aluminium circle modular die design, the conversion time can be reduced to less than 15 minutes when the wafer production specifications are changed. The diameter of the wafer can be produced from 85 mm to 700 mm.

6. Advanced uncoiling system, six-fold leveling machine, high rigidity mechanical press, automatic palletizing system, etc., ensure the high quality of wafer products.

Aluminum circle wafers are widely used in electronics, daily chemicals, medicine, culture, education and automotive parts. Electrical appliances, thermal insulation, machinery manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, military, mold, construction, printing and other industries. For example, kitchen utensils such as aluminum circle for non-stick pans, pressure cookers and hardware such as lampshades, water heater shells, etc.,it is one of the deep-processing products of large quantities of aluminum alloy sheets and strips.

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