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Advantages and packaging of Aluminum circle plate


2019-04-29 13:44

Aluminum circle plate in the production process from the feeding to stamping are all used in the use of intelligent automation equipment, one step in place coil aluminum production for aluminum circles, so the advantage of this process production is to avoid scratches, and the size is very accurate.

Aluminum circles are usually packed in wellbore frame and should meet the needs of storage and transportation. The derrick is made of wood and consists of two wooden boxes. The height below is usually determined by the requirements of forklift operation. The upper part of the derrick is made into a circular arc corresponding to the radial roll and then fixed with a screw. The length of the screw is generally lower than the surface of the upper wood arc so as to avoid scratching the aluminum circle. Film.

aluminum sheet circles

What are the advantages of non stick aluminum circles?

Aluminium circle is moderately hard and easy to process; as we all know, aluminum is a moderate material, simple bending can be formed, if in the continuous high-speed stamping,it can be directly used as a finished product, which can greatly reduce the production cycle and cost.

Aluminum circle fire resistance is better, generally pure aluminum wafer products surface is not any chemical substances, so even at 600 degrees of high temperature will not burn, will not produce any toxic gases, a lot of fire protection and environmental protection needs.

Aluminum circles have good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. Anodic alumina plates with standard thickness of oxide film are mainly used indoors, because they can remain colorless, non-oxidized and not easily corroded for a long time.

Spinning aluminum circles are generally treated by anode, so the surface hardness is better, scratch resistance is good, the surface is not covered by paint, to preserve the metal color of aluminum plate.

Aluminum discs are highly resistant to dirt and are very practical. Aluminum circles are mainly used for metal ceilings, panels and fireproofing boards.

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