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Recommendation of Quality China 6061 Aluminum Coil Suppliers


2019-04-15 09:18

The density of china 6061 aluminum sheet is 0.0000028kg/m3, which is a typical alloy in Al-Mg aluminum alloy. It has advantages of medium strength, good corrosion resistance, weldability.  These are also a good proof of the 6061 aluminum sheet is suitable for applied in automation. Aluminum alloys have 3 advantages for use as lightweight materials for automobiles, they have obvious effect of weight reduction and energy saving, they can improve comfort and safety, the aluminum alloy can be recycled.

With the increasingly development of environmentally friendly and energy-saving, the car lightweight is imperative, the body, engine, chassis and heat exchange system are actively looking for excellent raw materials to reduce the weight of the car under the premise of ensuring performance, thus achieving the goal of energy saving and environmental protection. The high quality 6061 aluminum sheet can be used as lightweight material for the automation.

china 6061 aluminum coil

Mingtai is an excellent 6061 aluminum sheet plate supplier in China. The car body made by 6061 aluminum plate adopts single-side polishing and rolling, with high surface finish, high safety, obvious advantages of energy absorption buffer, high plate shape and dimensional precision, good welding performance, high strength, high formability, high corrosion resistance and high surface treatment. China 6061 aluminum sheet provide added safety for the body and bring users more comfortable driving experience.

Third, Mingtai offers competitive price among China aluminum coil suppliers. For the same series of aluminum coil our price can be 5%-20% lower than our competitors.

Fourth, we are extremely responsible for our clients. As known to all, aluminum coil, different from finished mechanical products, does not has steady prices. There were many cases when we received an order at a certain price and production cost increased soon. The only measure we took was to send ordered products to clients at the original price. Besides, in some cases clients made mistakes while putting an order. The mistake maybe small, but it caused much loss for us. We never made clients should full responsibility for their mistake, in contrast, we share responsibility with our clients. We bear in mind that clients are essential to our survival, and that it’s more important to build long-term cooperation than caring loss in a single order. That’s why we can stand out from so many China aluminum coil suppliers and wins popularity with aluminum coil demanders all over the world.

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