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The price of aluminum circles for lamps and lanterns


2019-03-29 13:49

The price of aluminum circles for lamps and lanterns is based on the diameter and minimum thickness specification and reference to the customer's actual consulting results. There is no specific pricing, because processing and process requirements, resulting in loss and production equipment is also different, the price of equipment is relatively high, so the deviation in the price of aluminum discs is in the final analysis, because the hot rolling mill production scale of ultra-thick aluminum wafers offer high.

Henan Mingtai Aluminum introduced advanced aluminum disks production equipment, effectively improve production efficiency and material utilization, shorten the delivery cycle. Our company strengthened the control of the grain size and elongation at the early stage. The cold rolled and hot rolled aluminum circles were rolled out respectively, and 1, 3, 5, and 8 alloys were covered. The product is complete with a thickness of 0.7-6.0 millimeter and 100-1200 mm in diameter. The tolerance is in accordance with the requirements of the national standard. It is effective to avoid the phenomenon that the drawing lines, the edge of the lotus leaf and the higher ear rate may occur in the process of late processing.

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