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Mingtai Aluminum Export Pattern Aluminum Plate Type


2019-03-20 14:18

Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale aluminum plate manufacturer that supplies 1-8 series products. Here we introduce the pattern aluminum plate.

Patterned aluminum plate, referred to as aluminum tread plate, also known as embossed aluminum plate, is a deep-processed product in which the aluminum plate is subjected to pressure processing to form various patterns on the surface of the aluminum plate.

Aluminum alloy tread plates may not be two major types depending on the application.

First, the beauty category: orange peel pattern aluminum plate, pointer type (same as a rib) tread plate, two rib tread plate, small three rib tread plate, five rib tread plate, orange peel pattern aluminum plate, etc., the aesthetic effect of this aluminum plate is better Well, the orange peel pattern aluminum plate is used for refrigerators and air conditioners that are common in daily life because of its good contact area.

Five ribbed pattern aluminum plate

Second, the anti-skid type: the principle of printing the pattern on the sole of the shoe is the same. If the pattern of a certain shape is pressed on the upper surface of the aluminum plate, the aluminum plate becomes a commonly used pattern of the anti-slip pattern aluminum plate, and has five ribbed aluminum plates, The leaves become a willow-shaped aluminum plate. The pointer (one rib) pattern aluminum plate is named for its similar shape and pointer.

The types of aluminum alloy tread plate alloys are: one thousand and sixty-one thousand thousand patterns aluminum plate, 3003 pattern aluminum plate, five thousand seven hundred and fifty-five thousand five hundred and fifty-two pattern aluminum plate, 6061 pattern aluminum plate, etc.

The common patterns of aluminum alloy tread plates are as follows:

1: pointer type (one rib)

2: Five bars

3: Small three

4: Orange peel plate

5: Two bars

Mingtai Aluminum has strong strength, a strong self-logistics system, sufficient vehicles and personnel, and one-stop logistics services in all provinces across the country. A strong service system provides a strong guarantee for product transportation and after-sales service.

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