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FDA/KOSHER Certified 3004/3003 Aluminum Foil for Food Container


2020-04-20 09:23

The Globally Popular Aluminum Foil for Food Container

At present, aluminum foil containers have become commonplace. For example, the hot potato pie and other snacks just made in the street food diner, after being filled with aluminum foil containers, we can enjoy the freshly baked food! So It can be seen that aluminum foil containers not only facilitate our lives, but also retain the food to the maximum delicious! And that's all thanks toaluminum foil for food container. In fact, for these disposable lunch containers, 3004/3003 food grade aluminum foil is used, or other alloy series, which have the characteristics of keeping fragrance, shading, sealing, aseptic non-toxic, recyclable, environmental protection and so on. Of course, for different grades of aluminum alloy material, can be made into a variety of aluminum foil containers with excellent performance.

FDA/KOSHER Certified Aluminum Foil for Food Container Price

The Alloy Grades of Aluminum Foil for Food Container

Alloy Series





1 series





3 series





5 series





8 series





Mingtai FDA/KOSHER Certified 3004/3003 Aluminum Foil for Food Container Purchased with Confidence!

Here, Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry.,Ltd is a large-scale aluminum foil manufacture for food container, integrating scientific research, manufacturing and processing, providing the most comprehensive alloy grades ofaluminum foil for food containerand customized production services. Among them, the most worth mentioning is that Mingtai 3004/3003 aluminum foil has obtained American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Kosher Certificate, two major food-grade certifications! Mingtaialuminum foil for food containercan be purchased and used with confidence!

As we all know, 1100/3003/3004/8011 aluminum foil, etc., are commonly used disposable lunch containes material. In fact, these alloy foils have slight differences in performance and usage. For example, 3004 aluminum foil for food containeris an upgraded version of 3003 aluminum foil, and has similar performance. Among them, 3003 aluminum foil tensile strength of 140-170Mpa, elongation of≥9%. Compared with 1100 and 8011 aluminum foil, the mechanical properties are slightly superior, thereby reducing the breakage rate of disposable lunch containes during stamping. So, using 3003 and 3004 aluminum foil to make lunch containes has a high yield, and can meet the needs of three-cavity, multi-cavity or complex shape structures.

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Obtain 3004/3003 Aluminum Foil Price for Food Container 

Are good quality products expensive? This is a question that every consumer has. Now, Ming Aluminum tells you the answer: not like this! Here, Mingtai FDA / KOSHER certified 3004/3003aluminum foil for food containeris extremely competitive in the international market! Mingtai Aluminum relies on the geographical advantage of bauxite resources and its own power plant, has 1500 mm elevated cold rolling mill 1 set, 1650 mm high performance foil rolling mill 6 sets, 1600 mm heavy coiler 1 set, 1300 mm-1850 mm high precision slitting machine 8 sets, high precision 60 tons blank annealing furnace 3 sets, 100 tons blank annealing furnace 1 set,and 40 tons finished product annealing furnace 12 sets, etc, achieved scale and mechanized production, saved a lot of costs in raw material procurement, material resources, manpower, etc. Therefor, the food container aluminum foil price is lower than competitor 30! So, don't hesitate to send us an email, tell us the alloys, specifications and quantity you need. Mingtai professional business managers will provide you with free and satisfactory purchase solutions and quotations! Come on !

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