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Mingtai Aluminum-Four Notes on the Medicine Foil Production Process


2020-04-02 10:55

Mingtai Aluminum-Four Notes on the Medicine Foil Production Process

In our daily life, the use of medical aluminum foil is very wide and mature. And the medicine foil is mainly used for blister packaging of medicine capsules and tablets, powder particles and the bagging of water agent. Due to its direct contact with edible drugs, the country is very strict on the appearance and performance requirements of the medicine foil.

The common medicine foils on the market have two kinds of alloy, namely 8011 aluminum foil and 8021 aluminum foil. The thickness of 8011 alloy is generally below 0.05mm, while that of 8021 alloy is above 0.05mm. In general, the main production process is: Billet inspection-open billet rolling-open middle split rolling-coiled rolling-rolled finished product-slitting-furnace annealing-finished product packaging. Thus, the surface requirements of medical aluminum foil are guaranteed to be free from oil, sparry, black line, pinhole, macula and flounces. 

Medicine aluminum foil manufacturer

So medical aluminum foil in the production process, the control of surface and performance is mainly as follows:

First, control the quality from the source and strictly inspect the blank.

Secondly, in the rolling process, the surface quality is controlled by cleaning the roll and controlling the roughness, selecting the rolling oil, reducing the viscosity of the rolling oil and controlling the running speed of the machine.

Thirdly, in the process of cutting, it is necessary to ensure that the edges of the aluminum foil roll are neat, and quality problems such as falbala cannot occur.

Fourth, in the annealing process, according to the performance requirements of the medicine foil to control the annealing time and annealing temperature to ensure clean oil removal.

With the development of the pharmaceutical industry, medical aluminum foil with its excellent moisture-proof, barrier, drug resistance, chemical stability, hygiene, application proportion is rising, appearance and quality requirements are getting higher and higher. Therefore, aluminum foil has a very broad market prospects!

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