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Food aluminum foil


2020-03-31 16:20

Food aluminum foil bags are generally used to package meat products, dried fish, aquatic products, bean paste, spices, etc. It plays the role of keeping fragrance, quality, taste and color. In fact, the structure of food aluminum foil bags can be generally divided into outer layer, middle layer, inner layer, adhesive layer, etc.

The outer material is usually made of materials with good mechanical strength, heat resistance, good printing performance and good optical performance.

The middle layer material is usually used to enhance the composite structure of a certain performance, such as barrier, shading, incense retention, strength, etc

The key role of the inner layer material is sealing, the inner layer structure is in direct contact with the contents, so, non-toxic, odorless, water and oil resistance are required.

Food aluminum foil bag can protect food not to rot, health, safety, sanitation, easy to carry.

Aluminum Foil for Food Packaging
Quality Identification Method of Food Aluminum Foil Bag

1. Check seal strength. In order to reach the vacuum condition, the inspection of seal is the most important thing. Put your hands into the bag and tear in the opposite direction with average force. And even if the sealing place is deformed during tearing, it will not fall off in layers, so the sealing strength is high.

2. Leakage detection. Add the colorant to the empty food package and seal it. Place the food vacuum bag horizontally on the filter paper. After five or six minutes, check to see if the filter paper has changed color. Then invert the packaging bag, and test again.

3. Observe the appearance of the food vacuum packaging bag. High-quality food vacuum packaging bags in the appearance of no obvious scratch marks, and there is no pinhole leakage. This main aim is to check whether the seal is qualified.

Temperature Requirements of Food Aluminum Foil Bag in the Production 
1. Heating Stage
Under the premise that PE stretch film billet is not affected by steam, the heating time should be shortened as far as possible, as long as the continuous and uniform steam into the curing room for 1 ~ 1.5 hours.
2. Constant Temperature Phase of Aluminum Foil Bag
The constant temperature stage is an important stage in which the strength of the billet increases due to hydration and hydrothermal synthesis. With the extension of the constant temperature time, the more the hydrate is accumulated, the faster the strength increases. But after the constant temperature reaches a certain time, the intensity growth starts to slow down. With different raw material ratio and different production process, the air charging block blank produced has a better constant temperature time corresponding to it.

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