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Quotation from 1.2 Thick 5052 Aluminum Sheet for Bus Skin Manufacturer


2020-03-30 16:29

As the name suggests, Bus skin refers to the alloy material covering the entire body, making the exterior of the car look like a piece of skin. And for bus skin, mainly play a role to protect the safety of the body, and has a beautiful decoration.In fact, to make the safety of skin play to the maximum extent, mainly depends on the performance of the selected material and the degree of thickness, as well as the surrounding anti-collision skeleton components.

Now, under the general trend of busmotive lightweight development, the application of bus skin material has a broad market prospect, and aluminum alloy has been gradually used as a substitute for steel. It iswidely used in bus lightweight. For example, the 5 series aluminum alloy, such as 5052 aluminum plate, has been well used in large buses.

1.2 Thick 5052 Aluminum sheet for Bus Skin Price
Reliable 1.2 Thick 5052 Aluminum Plate for Bus Skin Manufacturer

So, Which is the best 5052 aluminum plate manufacturer for automotive skin? In fact, the number of manufacturers on the market is countless, its specification, technical level also has its own characteristics, so which manufacturer is more trustworthy? Here, recommended for you is Henan Mingtai Aluminum manufacturer! Why? The main reasons are as follows.
1.Good Reputation

Mingtai Aluminum in the market can be said to be: well-known, all the users who have cooperated have been praising! Here, from product quality to price, and to service, they are very satisfied.

2.Strong Strength
Strong enterprise strength, let the user more trust! As we all know, when many users are anxious to purchase products, they will consult whether there is stock, and if custom production, whether the delivery time is guaranteed. Here, Mingtai assures you! There are a one-to-one sales support team, a professional production team and a butler-type after-sales service team. We can not only customize it to meet user needs, quickly schedule production, and make packaging and delivery timely and effective!
3.High Cost Performance
The product price ratio is high, which is the key factor in choosing Mingtai Aluminum. There are excellent quality, stable performance, corrosion resistance and other good characteristics, as well as the economic price, let users like more!

So far, Mingtai Aluminum has been engaged in the production and processing of aluminum sheet/coil/foil for many years. Not only the product quality is guaranteed, but also the 1.2 thick 5052 aluminum plate for bus skin is more favorable! There are also more detailed 5052 aluminum plate quotes, you can consult online for free, our sales manager is always at your service! Meanwhile, we also warmly welcome you to visit our company! 


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