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Singapore Mask Machine 3104-h112 Aluminum Plate Manufacturer


2020-03-25 09:46

Singapore Mask Machine 3104-h112 Aluminum Plate Manufacturer 

The representative of 3 series aluminum alloy are 3003 and 3A21. In China, the production technology of 3 series aluminum plate is better! As we all know, the main alloy composition of 3 series aluminum plates is Mn, and the content is between 1.0 and 1.5. It is a series with better anti-rust function.

3104 Aluminum alloy manufacturerApplication of 3 series Aluminum Plate

3003 aluminum alloy, used for processing need good formability, high corrosion resistance, weldability good parts, components, or both require these performance and needs to have more than 1 series alloy high strength work, such as kitchen utensils and appliances, food and chemical products processing and storage devices. As well as tanks for transporting liquid products, various pressure vessels and pipes processed by sheet metal.
3004 aluminum alloy, use for all aluminum can body, requires parts with higher strength than 3003 alloy, chemical production and storage device, lamination workpiece, construction workpiece, construction tools, various lamp parts.

For the 3005 aluminum alloy, is an aluminum alloy with Mn as the main alloying element, which belongs to a kind of aluminum alloy that cannot be strengthened by heat treatment. Therefore, cold processing method is adopted to improve its mechanical properties.Although the strength of this alloy is not very high, but it is also higher than 1 series of industrial pure aluminum, and the strength is about 20% higher than 3003 aluminum plate, belongs to the medium strength, good plasticity, good welding performance.

3104 aluminum alloy is a kind of deformed aluminum, which is added with other trace elements on the basis of Al-Mn element, so that it has appropriate elongation, good corrosion resistance and processing performance, and can be smelted and processed into different hardness alloys according to different application requirements.

3105 aluminum alloy, used for room partition, baffle plate, mobile room plate, eave trough and downspout, sheet forming workpiece, bottle cap, bottle stopper, etc

3A21 aluminum alloy, used for aircraft oil tank, oil duct, rivet wire, building materials, food and other industrial equipment, etc.

It is widely used in aerospace, shipbuilding, high-speed rail transportation, automobile industry, medical equipment, chemical containers, mechanical equipment, consumer electronics, industrial mold, construction packaging, etc

Advantages of Mingtai 3 series Aluminum Plate
A. It belongs to medium strength, and has wide application field.
B. Strong plasticity, easy to form, with excellent processing performance advantages.
C. Here, Mingtai Aluminum limited the impurity element Cu to within 0.1% to ensure the corrosion resistance of the alloy.

D. The surface quality of the aluminum plate is good, free from oil spot, wave, scratch and roll printing, neat edge cutting, no burrs.

Product Advantages

1. Cut flat. Professional cutting machine cutting, large smooth mouth, no burrs on the edge. The normal tolerance of cutting machining is 1-3mm.
2. Complete Specifications. According to different grade materials, there are conventional thicknesses of 0.6-720mm aluminum plates. Individual grades can be customized with 1000mm thick aluminum plates. Advanced equipment technology can meet your different needs.
3. Customized Processing. Customers can choose the specifications arbitrarily. Here, Mingtai introduced a wealth of advanced processing equipment, so as to can customize the production according to the different specifications of aluminum plates, aluminum strips, and aluminum foil.
4. Genuine Guarantee. Mingtai Aluminum's quality is reliable and stable, eliminating counterfeit materials. And Mingtai also can provide material certification and produce traceability.

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