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Mingtai Aluminum Tape Foil Products


2020-03-23 16:43

Aluminum products are essential to every household and are easily found in food, clothing and housing. For example, Aluminum foil can be made into food containers, medicine foil, bottle cap materials, etc. In addition, Aluminum foil-there is  also an advanced class of adhesive tape foil.

Application of Adhesive Tape Foil

Adhesive tape foil is commonly used in the manufacture of aluminum foil tape, which is widely used in refrigerators, air conditioning, automotive, petrochemical, Bridges, hotels, electronics and other industries. As well as  be used in various types of electronic products, such as transformers, mobile phones, computers, pdas, PDP, LED displays, notebook computers, photocopiers and other areas requiring electromagnetic shielding.

Why is Adhesive Tape Foil so Powerful?

This is because the aluminum foil tape used high quality pressure sensitive adhesive, the adhesive has good adhesion, strong adhesion and anti-aging effect. The adiabatic performance is greatly improved. The aluminum foil tape made by adhesive tape foil is used to connect the seams of all aluminum foil composites, seal the puncture area of the heat insulation nail, and repair the damaged area. They are not only the main raw materials for the refrigerator and freezer factory, but also the raw materials for the insulation material distribution department.
Aluminum Foil Tape manufacturer
High-quality Adhesive Tape Foil can’t be Separated from Good Equipment

Here,Mingtai Aluminum is a leader in Chinese aluminum processing industry with leading production technologies, including 6 semi-continuous casting production lines, 10 continuous casting and rolling production lines, 7 cold rolling mills, 10 foil rolling mills and tensile bending correction. As well as line cleaning machine row, flying shearing machine row, vertical cutting machine, thick foil cutting, vertical cutting, (1 + 4) hot continuous rolling production line and other equipments.

High-quality Adhesive Tape Foil Features

1. Moisture-proof, airtight, shading, wear-resisting, fragrant, non-toxic, tasteless.

2. Elegant silver-white luster, easy to process delicate patterns and patterns of various colors.

3. There are no scratches or bumps on the layout, and the double-sided tape shall not have bright crystals and color differences.
Mingtai Aluminum Foil for Adhesive Tape 

Mingtai aluminum adhesive  tape foil can also meet the processing needs of decorative aluminum foil, so that the finished products have the advantages of heat insulation, moisture-proof, sound insulation, fire prevention, easy to clean, luxurious appearance, convenient processing, quick construction and installation. And now, wth the continuous development of China's architectural decoration industry, the demand for decorative aluminum foil will greatly increase.

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