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During the outbreak, mingtai aluminum industry to resume production safety and quality peer


2020-03-19 15:53

In order to actively respond to the call of the party central committee to resume production, Mingtai Aluminum co., ltd. has actively implemented the deployment requirements of the provinces and municipalities on the resumption of production, actively and steadily carried out various work, and made every effort to ensure the stable operation of production and operation. The company strictly disinfects, completes the protection measure, guarantees the employee safety.

In the company's hot rolling, cold rolling, finishing, packaging and other workshops, the motor rotation, machine rumble, the key control position of the operator to keep improving, standardized operation, meticulous.

In the company's automated three-dimensional warehouse workshop, the operator presses the button to automatically pick up and drop the finished aluminum coil by the coil carriage and automatically assign it to the warehouse.

In 2019, the company invested heavily to build an automated three-dimensional warehouse, which has been running smoothly. The automatic three-dimensional warehouse is composed of well-designed steel structure, precise communication system, careful monitoring system and perfect management system, etc., which can realize reasonable structure, automatic access and easy operation of aluminum product warehouse. The smooth operation of the three-dimensional warehouse has saved the cost of land and labor for the company, and the indicators meet the government's requirements and policies on energy conservation, environmental protection and efficiency.

In recent years, the company implemented a series of technical reformation, intelligent manufacture and so on project, in the process of the implementation of these projects and implement, the company formed a set of suitable for aluminum processing industry informatization construction standards and solutions, the effective information solution of aluminum processing will have practical applications in the industry and the promotion, to consolidate the industry manufacture, the basis of building intelligent manufacturing title system and system construction of aluminum processing enterprises play a positive and important exemplary role.

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