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PCB 1060 Aluminum and 1100Aluminum Substrate Manufacturers


2020-03-16 16:28

PCB, also known as printed circuit board, is an important component of household appliances, radios, mobile phones, computers, digital and other electronic products. PCB aluminum substrate is composed of circuit layer, heat conduction and insulation layer and metal base layer. The metal base layer is the supporting member of aluminum base plate, which is generally aluminum plate. It is required to have high thermal conductivity, and it is suitable for drilling, punching, cutting and other conventional mechanical processing.

PCB aluminum substrate 1060 aluminum plate, 1100 aluminum plate

1060 aluminum plate aluminum content up to 99.6%, with high elongation, tensile strength, good electrical conductivity, high formability, fully meet the conventional processing requirements (stamping, stretching) requirements. Mingtai aluminum 1060 aluminum plate, internal stress relief, no deformation, can produce thickness range of 0.1-500mm, width range of 100-2650mm plate or coil, for domestic and foreign customers for a long term supply.

Aluminum content of 1100 aluminum plate is about 99.00%, with high corrosion resistance, conductivity and thermal conductivity, its density is small, good plasticity, through pressure processing can produce all kinds of aluminum. The 1100 aluminum sheet of mingtai aluminum has a maximum width of 2650mm and a maximum thickness of 500mm, with internal stress relief and no deformation during cutting. It is one of the few manufacturers in China that can produce ultra-wide and ultra-thick aluminum sheet.
PCB aluminum substrate manufacturers - - mingtai aluminum

Mingtai aluminum is specialized in aluminum plate and foil processing for more than 20 years, PCB aluminum substrate 1060 aluminum plate / 1100 aluminum plate technology mature, stable performance, price concessions, is the majority of customers of the choice. Mintai provides full process, integration, butler service, 24 hours online quotation, as long as you provide the required product model, specification, status, dosage, you can quickly get the product price.

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