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China Leader Food Grade Aluminum Foil Manufacturer


2020-03-10 15:17

Aluminum foil is widely used in the packaging field, especially in the food packaging industry. It has prominent advantages in barrier, shading, health safety, recyclability and environmental protection. And aluminum foil is a common material for green and safe packaging. It has a bright future!

Food grade aluminum foil is divided into different alloy grades, the more commonly used 1060 aluminum foil, 3003 aluminum foil, 8011 aluminum foil, etc., made of aluminum foil packaging bags are widely used in cooked food, instant noodles and a variety of snacks packaging. In addition, food grade aluminum foil can also be used as a variety of meal boxes, containers, by the takeout industry favorite, both convenient and safe health.

Mingtai Aluminum Food Grade Aluminum Foil Quality Certification! Use More Assured!
Mingtai Aluminum food grade aluminum foil produced has passed strict pinhole detection, oil removal process and plate shape control, and the product safety and hygiene meet the requirements of food grade, with clean surface, no oil, bright lines and other inclusions, high elongation advantage, is the food grade aluminum foil raw material supplier at home and abroad.
Food Grade Aluminum Foil Manufacturers Choose Mingtai Aluminum!
Because the aluminum foil used in food packaging is related to the health and safety of consumers, so the choice of aluminum foil manufacturers is very important. As for the choice of high-quality food foil manufacturers, from the size, product quality, after-sales service and other aspects to consider.
In the world, the amount of aluminum foil used in the field of food packaging is astonishing every year, and the competition between different aluminum foil manufacturers is very fierce. So, we should choose a large scale and well-known aluminum foil manufacturers such as Mingtai Aluminum. No matter equipment strength, production technology, annual production capacity, delivery, after-sales service, are small enterprises can not achieve. And the quality of food grade aluminum foil is more guaranteed!

Mingtai Aluminum as a large food grade aluminum foil manufacturer, has food grade aluminum foil with complete grade, diverse specifications, good quality! 

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