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How much is Mingtai 5052 h32 aluminum plate per ton?


2020-03-09 14:37

The 5052 aluminum plate has F, O and H temper, representing different processing technology, and the performance and use of each state is not the same, the quotation is also different. Among them, H temper is a kind of more subdivision, more widely used, and customers often consult on 5052 h32 aluminum plate with H temper. Today, Mingtai Aluminum to introduce the use and the quotation of the aluminum plate with this temper.

What is the processing method, performance and use of 5052 h32 aluminum plate?
The 5052 h32 aluminum plate indicates that after hardening, it is annealed at low temperature, so as to make it stable, but its strength is lower than that of H24 aluminum plate. In contrast, the strength of this alloy is high, especially has the anti-fatigue strength. And its plasticity and corrosion resistance is high. But 5052 h32 aluminum plate cannot heat treatment strengthening, in the semi-cold hardening plastic is good, cold hardening plastic is low, corrosion resistance is good, weldability is good, but the cutting performance is bad, can be polished.
Technical Parameters of 5052 h32 Aluminum Plate :

Typical alloy
5052 h32 aluminum plate
Thickness (mm) 
Width (mm) 
Length (mm)

5052 h32 aluminum plate is often used in situations where plasticity, weldability and corrosion resistance are highly required, such as automobiles, ships, 3C products, building curtain wall, mold, furniture, pull rod box, outdoor signs, street lamp bracket, flange material and other fields, and is closely related to our production and life.
How much is Mingtai 5052 h32 aluminum plate per ton? The manufacturer tell you!
The main factor that decides 5052 h32 aluminum plate price has the price of raw material aluminium ingot and the processing cost of manufacturer, specific even according to the specification of aluminium sheet, manufacturer's input cost will decide. Generally speaking, the specifications of 5052 h32 aluminum plate with normal temper has 1200*2400, 1220*2440, 1250*2500, usually the processing cost of the whole plate is relatively low. But for ultra-wide and ultra-thick aluminum plate need to be cut, so aluminum plate processing cost is higher. In practice, Customers can choose the appropriate specifications according to their own needs, consulting the manufacturer business accounting specific prices.

Mingtai Aluminum long-term supply of 5052 aluminum plate, the conventional specification of 5052 h32 aluminum plate has a small number of spot! As the hot style product of Mingtai Aluminum, Mingtai Aluminum can produce almost 5052 aluminum plate in full temper, the specification can also be customized according to the user's demand, the delivery date is 7-35 days, the original factory quality assurance! Up to now, the accumulative sales volume of Mingtai 5052 aluminum plate has reached 1 million tons! So, If you want to know more information about aluminum plates, welcome to consult us!

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