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Mingtai Aluminum Foil for Battery Explosion- Proof Valve Material


2020-03-01 16:40

What is battery explosion - proof valve? What does it do?
As an important safety protection device in the battery, the explosion-proof valve has the advantages of high temperature resistance, non-combustion, large impact resistance, high reliability, simple installation, high waterproof performance, large air permeability, can avoid explosion. In fact, explosion-proof valve commonly used material is 1060 aluminum foil, gradually become the special material for 18650 battery, is also the most important explosion-proof barrier.

1060 Aluminum foil ensures the safety of explosion-proof valve
Battery explosion-proof valve commonly 1060 aluminum foil with O temper, this material has good conductivity, high elongation, long service life and other advantages.In the high temperature, the battery pressure is too large, then the explosion-proof valve will work, first explosion-proof valve will open, so that the pressure release. And when the battery is fully charged, the battery explosion valve can automatically cut off power, to prevent the explosion of the battery due to continuous charging, improve the safety of the battery.

Mingtai 1060 aluminum foil for battery explosion-proof valve with  favorable price to attract customers, high quality to retain customers

1060 aluminum foil for battery explosion-proof valve price more or less affects the hearts of the majority of customers. So, How much is a ton of 1060 aluminum foil? Mintai Aluminum will give you an analysis. In fact, there are a lot of aluminum foil manufacturers, different enterprises give different prices for aluminum foil, which is mainly caused by the strength of aluminum foil manufacturers, and different input costs.

As for large manufacturers, raw material selection, production process control, quality inspection, goods packaging and transportation, after-sales service are very strict, the aluminum foil quality is relatively guaranteed! Here to recommend a more than 20 years of experience in aluminum plate manufacturers - Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., LTD., is a  aluminum processing listed companies. Whether product price or quality, the small 1060 aluminum foil manufacturers for battery explosion-proof valve can not surpass it. So, If you want to get a quick quote for 1060 aluminum foil for battery explosion-proof valves, welcome to click on the right for online consultation!


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