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Support war "epidemic" material medicine foil supply, to fulfill the social responsibility actively


2020-02-20 10:58

In 2020, the current epidemic situation, drugs are an important material to fight against the epidemic. Medical aluminum foil is the main product of mingtai aluminum foil products, as a raw material for pharmaceutical packaging, also become the material to fight against the epidemic. For a time, many domestic and foreign drug foil products from the customers have called the letter, imploring the company to ensure the supply of drug foil products.

In order to ensure the normal supply of pharmaceutical foil products, Mingtai Aluminum industry responded immediately by setting up an internal epidemic prevention and control leading group to strengthen the internal epidemic prevention and control at the same time to provide more material support and help for the epidemic prevention and control work.

Ming-tai aluminum supplies pharmaceutical foil products:

8011 aluminum foil:
Thickness: 0.016 0.5 mm

Width: 20-1600 - mm

8011 aluminum foil added al-fe-si element, more than 1% of the total alloy elements, the alloy properties of the corresponding high advantage, in the pharmaceutical packaging can be used for capsule medicine board, candy bubble packaging board, tablet medicine board.

8021 aluminum foil:
Thickness: 0.018 0.5 mm
Width: 100-1600 - mm
The elongation and puncture resistance of 8021 aluminum foil are higher than that of 8011 aluminum foil in the corresponding same state. In drug packaging, it is mostly used for aluminum foil coating on the back of drug capsule plate, as well as blister aluminum and trocar aluminum, which require higher sealing and elongation.

8079 aluminum foil:

Thickness: 0.015 0.2 mm
Width: 100-1600 - mm
8079 aluminum foil is a kind of aluminum foil with high strength, high elongation and good spreading and pressing properties. In pharmaceutical packaging, it is mainly used as tropical aluminum foil for high-end pharmaceutical packaging.

Henan mingtai aluminum co., LTD is one of the top ten aluminum foil manufacturers in China, which can undertake orders of 5-8000 tons of aluminum foil raw materials and deliver in 7-35 days. In the face of this epidemic, let us unite to overcome the difficulties! May we win the victory of the epidemic at an early date!

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