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Mingtai Aluminum introduces aluminum foil for cover yogurt to you


2020-02-16 12:47

Downstream industry background of aluminum foil for cover yogurt:

The yogurt cover is mainly made of composite materials, with the structure of polyester/aluminum foil (products produced by mingtai co., LTD.)/ thermal sealing layer (PET/AL/PE·EVA).

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the high quality and diversified requirements for food and its packaging are also getting higher and higher. Cup yogurt is gradually becoming more and more popular in people's lives. The selection of sealing materials for plastic cup yogurt is very important. Yogurt packaging should not only have a good barrier, to ensure the quality of products, and in the improvement of yogurt product grade at the same time, but also to ensure the convenience of consumers.

Yogurt cover aluminum foil specification parameters:

Typical alloy
material state
thickness (mm)
width (mm)
length (mm)
typical product
8011 Aluminum Foil O 0.016-0.5 100-1600 C Yogurt sealing film, food, beverage sealing film, etc

Aluminum foil for mintai milk cover:

Mingtai aluminum is a large aluminum foil raw materials manufacturers, the company's 8011-o aluminum foil raw materials are widely used in yogurt sealing film, ming-tai 8011-o aluminum foil pinhole less, barrier and heat sealing performance is good, and the product is clean, clean surface, the product is food grade, can be cooked at high temperature, safety and health.

The raw material of 8011-o aluminum foil produced by mingtai aluminum co., LTD., after receiving feedbacks from users, adopts the yogurt sealing film made by mingtai aluminum foil, which conforms to the national environmental protection standards and the technical requirements of food standards to ensure the health and safety of the environment and products. Moreover, the product has no effect on the substrate film after cooking at high temperature from 121℃ to 125℃.

Henan mingtai is one of China's top ten aluminum foil manufacturers, can undertake orders of 3-2000 tons of aluminum foil raw materials, stable product quality, global export, affordable prices, can be assured procurement!

If you are interested in our aluminum foil, you can always contact us , we will serve you wholeheartedly and provide sample for free.

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