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Arab Aluminum manufacturer introduces Food Grade Aluminum Foil for you


2020-01-18 11:10

Introduction of Food Grade Aluminum Foil
The development focus of the packaging industry is green packaging, intelligent packaging, safe packaging, and so on, to promote the innovative and green development of the packaging industry. Here, Aluminum foil packaging has outstanding advantages in gas barrier, moisture permeability, health safety, production efficiency, recyclable and environmental protection. Therefore, Food grade aluminum foil packaging materials will be the development trend of green and safe packaging.

Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale food grade aluminum foil substrate manufacturer, Mingtai 8011 aluminum foil, 8021 aluminum foil, 1235 aluminum foil, all through strict pinhole testing, oil removal process and plate type control, can achieve ultra-high sealing, perfect protection of the quality of the package.Through the practice of the major food and medicine packaging materials manufacturers, Mingtai aluminum foil completely meet the food grade requirements, and its performance far beyond the national standard. Here, It is a great honor that Jiangsu Shenkai, Jinshi Packaging are Mingtai partners.

Specification of Mingtai Food Grade Aluminum Foil


Typical Alloy

Material Temper

Thickness (mm)

Width (mm)

Length (mm)

8 series

8011, 8006

OH14H16H18H19H24, etc.




3 series

3003, 3004

1 series


Typical Usages

Food packaging foil, Medicine foil, Milk lid material, Lunch box material, Container foil, Household foil, Barbecue foil, Beer sealing foil, Bottle cap material, etc.


Strength of Mingtai Aluminum Foil Manufacturer 

Mingtai Aluminum is China's top ten aluminum foil manufacturer, can undertake 5-8000 tons of food grade aluminum foil raw material orders, 7-35 days of delivery, product quality is stable, global exports, aluminum foil prices affordable, you can rest assured procurement!

If you are interested in our aluminum foil, you can always contact us , we will serve you wholeheartedly and provide sample for free.

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