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Mingtai Aluminum introduces aluminum foil for lunch box to you


2020-01-06 09:18

Aluminum foil lunch box is a widely used tableware. The thickness of the aluminum foil lunch box is generally between 0.03mm and 0.20mm, which can be divided into two types: wrinkled and non-wrinkled, can also be divided into two types of disposable and reuse. Aluminum foil lunch box is often called tin foil lunch box in China. In fact, it is made of raw material 3 series or 8 series aluminum ingots, through cold rolling or hot rolling rolling into the thickness of uniform, smooth surface, no pinhole, no dust particles, no odor of aluminum foil master roll, and then through special equipment and mold one-time automatic cold stamping  finally form aluminum foil lunch box.

Brief Introduction of Aluminum Foil for Lunch Box

Mingtai Aluminum is a manufacturer of aluminum foil raw materials for lunch boxes. The company produces 3003 aluminum foil, 3004 aluminum foil, 5052 aluminum foil, 8011 aluminum foil, and 8006 aluminum foil, of which 8006 aluminum foil is used to make wrinkle-free lunch boxes. These aluminum foils produced by Mingtai has clean surface, without oil stains, bright lines and other inclusions. And these products are safety and health with high elongation and other advantages. As for Mingtai, is a supplier of aluminum foil raw materials for various aluminum lunch box manufacturers at home and abroad.

Mingtai Aluminum can take orders for 5-2000 tons of aluminum foil substrates for lunch box materials. Delivery time is 7-35 days. Global exports, Stable quality. You can rest assured to purchase!.

Application fields of aluminum foil for lunch box materials: Widely used in aviation food packaging, home cooking and large chain cake shops. Main uses: food cooking, baking, freezing, freshness, etc.

Specification of Aluminum Foil for Lunch Box

Typical Alloy
Material Temper
Thickness (mm)
Width (mm)
Length (mm)
8 series
8011, 8006
O, H22, H24, etc.
3 series
3003, 3004
O, H22, H24, etc.

Advantages of Aluminum Foil for Lunch Box Materials

1. The raw materials aluminum foil are non-toxic and safety.

2. Convenient heating, no harmful substances will be generated after heating.

3. Easy to shape, easy to seal and ensure food hygiene.

4. Strong barrier property, it can protect the original flavor of food after sealing and prolong the shelf life of food.

5. It can recycle and reuse efficiently, protect the environment and save resources.

If you are interested in our aluminum foil, you can always contact us , we will serve you wholeheartedly and provide sample for free.

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