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5083 h34 Aluminum Plate Manufacturer- What is the difference between 5052 vs 5083 aluminum plate?


2019-12-14 13:58

5052 vs 5083 aluminum plate all belong to the 5 series aluminum plate, but they have different performance. Here, Mingtai 5083 h34 aluminum plate manufacturer analyzes the differences from the three aspects of chemical composition, use and price.

1, 5083 h34 Aluminum Plate Manufacturer- 5052 vs 5083 aluminum plate chemical composition is as follows

5052 aluminum alloy plate: Si: 0.25, Fe: 0.45, Cu: 0.1, Mn: 0.1, Mg: 2.2-2.8, Cr: 0.15-0.35,  Zn:  0.1.

5083 aluminum alloy plate: Si: 0.4, Fe: 0.4, Cu: 0.1, Mn: 0.3-1.0, Mg: 4.0-4.9, Cr: 0.05-0.25, Zn: 0.25.

2, 5083 h34 Aluminum Plate Manufacturer- 5052 vs 5083 aluminum plate have different uses

5052 aluminum alloy plate has good forming processability, corrosion resistance, candleability, fatigue strength and medium static strength. 5052 aluminum alloy plate is used to manufacture aircraft fuel tanks, oil pipes, sheet metal parts for transportation vehicles and ships, street light brackets and rivets, hardware products etc. In addition, 5052 aluminum plate is also used for silo, flange material, GIS shell, yacht, underwear mold / shoe mold, gas cylinder, precision machining, etc .

5083 aluminum alloy plate is used in places that require high corrosion resistance, good weldability and medium strength, such as ship, automobile and aircraft plate welding parts, pressure vessels, refrigeration devices, television towers, drilling equipment, transportation equipment, missile elements, armor, etc.

5083 aluminum plate is used for vehicles such as aluminum alloy tanker car body / tank body, car fuel tank, gas tank, bus skin, C82 coal carrier, car top / bottom guard, etc.

3, 5083 h34 Aluminum Plate Manufacturer- 5052 vs 5083 aluminum plate have different prices

In general, 5052 aluminum plate price is higher than 5083 aluminum plate price under the same specifications.
5083 aluminum plate

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