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What Kind of Aluminum Foil Meets so Many Cable Shielding Foil Advantages?


2019-12-13 10:39

1.What’s the cable aluminum foil?
Cable aluminum foil is a new type material of power cable that made of using 8000 series aluminum alloy as a conductor with special compaction technology and annealing treatment, advanced technologies such as interlocking armoring process.

cable aluminum foil

2.Difference between aluminum foil cable and ordinary cable

The aluminum foil for cables uses 8000 series aluminum alloy as conductors, while ordinary cables use copper or pure aluminum as the cable conductors.

3.Why promote the use of aluminum foil cable?

At the same volume, the actual weight of aluminum foil alloy is about one-third that of copper. According to this calculation, on the premise that the same conductivity is met, the length of the aluminum foil cable with the same weight is twice that of the copper cable. Therefore, the weight of an aluminum foil alloy cable is about half that of a copper cable at the same current carrying capacity. So, The use of aluminum foil alloy cables instead of copper cables can reduce cable weight, reduce installation costs, reduce wear on equipment and cables, and make installation easier.

4. The advantages of aluminum foil cable over ordinary cable

Electrical conductivity: The conductivity of aluminum foil alloy is 61.5% of the most commonly used benchmark material copper IACS, and the current carrying capacity is 79% of copper, which is better than the standard of pure aluminum.

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