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Advantages of Aluminum Alloy Radiator


2019-12-11 14:55

It’s Important to Choose the Right Aluminum Plate Material. Different materials used for heat dissipation have different thermal conductivity. They are arranged from high to low in thermal conductivity, which are materials of Ag, Cu, Al, and alloy steel. Aluminum is widely used because of its low price, light weight, and environmental protection. The aluminum used for radiators is 5052 aluminum plate. So, What are the advantages of aluminum alloy radiator?

Aluminum Alloy Radiator

1.Good Thermal Conductivity of Material

Aluminum alloy radiator adopts aviation aluminum alloy material, which has good thermal conductivity and surpasses Cu-Al composite radiator.

2.No Contact Thermal Resistance

Adopting aviation aluminum alloy material and "gas flame fusion welding technology" welding, Integrate it with the base material with no contact thermal resistance, high thermal conductivity and high heat dissipation efficiency.

3.High Intensity

Adopting "gas flame fusion welding technology" welding, it’s safe and watertight, and has high compressive strength (≥1.2Mpa), .

4. Corrosion Resistance and Long Life

The inner and outer walls of the radiator are treated by electrolytic ion oxidation, the thickness of the oxide layer and the surface strength are increased, and the corrosion resistance is also significantly improved.

5, Safe, will not Burn Infants

It adopts a concealed water channel design, a combination of convection and radiation, which has a good heat dissipation effect and a low surface temperature, which will not burn infants and young children.

6, Beautiful and Generous
Gas flame fusion welding technology makes the weld seam of aluminum plate radiator is flat. The appearance adopts electrostatic spraying process, so as to show that it is beautiful and generous, and very decorative.

7, Higher than National Wall Thickness Standards

Made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy material, with a wall thickness of 1.5mm, higher than national standards.

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