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Hot Rolled 6061 Alloy Plate Manufacturer and Price


2019-12-06 18:18

There are many hot rolled 6061 aluminum plate manufacturers. If you want to buy high quality 6061 alloy aluminum plate, it is necessary to understand the factors affecting the aluminum plate price, so that can get the high quality 6061 aluminum plate products.

1, the size of the aluminum plate manufacturers

Larger-scale Mingtai hot rolled 6061 alloy plate manufacture is very strong. There are advanced production technology, complete production facilities, and scientific and perfect management mechanism. The production of hot rolled 6061 alloy plate has higher quality and after-sale guarantee. And Mingtai as one of larger manufacturers in the pricing of hot rolled 6061 alloy plate, will consider region, the local consumption level and a series of factors, so Mingtai hot rolled 6061 aluminum price is very reasonable.

2. Hot rolled 6061 alloy plate model and specification

The difference in thickness, temper and specifications not only affects the production of hot rolled 6061 alloy plate, but also affects the price of hot rolled 6061 aluminum plate. The use and thickness of the hot rolled 6061 aluminum plate are different, and the price is also different. For example, the cell phone card slot is made of 6061 aluminum alloy plate, and the mold is made of 6061 medium thick aluminum plate, So, the hot rolled 6061 alloy plate price with different thickness is different.

3. Nature of aluminum plate manufacturer

Aluminum manufacturers selling with the dealer sales hot rolled plates 6061 alloy price is a very big difference, middlemen differential profit of 6061 alloy plate, in the middle of the circulation is more, so the user is in when to buy higher cost. However, aluminum manufacturers selling is directly sale hot rolled 6061 aluminum plate to the user, the decrease of the intermediate links, naturally is more favorable in price,

4. Production technology

The introduction and research and development of technology make the position of manufacturers in the society more stable, the production of aluminum plate products more close to the needs of users, aluminum plate manufacturers to the introduction and optimization of technology need to invest a certain amount of capital, so in the production of high investment cost, the price of aluminum sheet products will be slightly higher.

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., LTD. products are independent research and development, their own sales, so the cost of manufacturers lower.

Mingtai Aluminum hot rolled 6061 alloy plate manufacturers, the production of hot rolled 6061 alloy plate bright, no milling surface, the introduction of six roll cold rolling machine equipment production of aluminum plate products can reach 2600mm.

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., LTD., with its high quality service, excellent quality, reasonable price, favored by the majority of users, Mingtai Aluminum internationally well-known, product sales have been in the world. So, choose Mingtai Aluminum will bring you unexpected surprises, create greater value to produce for you.

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