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How to keep 5052 aluminum plate shiny?


2019-12-05 17:49

Aluminum is a lively metal, which is easily oxidized, and a white aluminum oxide film is easily formed on its surface, reducing the brightness of the aluminum plate. In order to keep the 5052 aluminum plate shiny, this film has to be removed. For 5052 aluminum plates with strict surface requirements, try to avoid spotting on the surface and keep the product smooth. In fact, if you want to keep the 5052 aluminum plate bright, it is not only related to the early processing technology, but also to the later surface treatment technology.

5052 aluminum sheet

How to keep 5052 aluminum plate shiny?

When processing large pieces of aluminum plate alloy products for anodizing, it is found that white spots will appear on the surface after processing is completed, especially for aluminum oxide plates. The main reason is that the 5052 aluminum plate was not thoroughly washed after oxidation, resulting the white spots on the aluminum plate surface are formed after drying, so it is necessary to strengthen the rinse after oxidation, and try to use a water gun to wash it thoroughly. At the same time, care should be taken to protect the surface after rinsing, and try to keep the product from contact with other products. Natural air-drying is best.

If you want to better control the white spots on the surface of the 5052 aluminum plate, you should not only pay attention to the product surface problems before processing the products, but also pay attention to the precautions in the surface treatment processing, and avoid the formation of white spots by standard and strict processing procedures and processing techniques. White spot pickling and alkaline washing are all acceptable, but the concentration should be controlled or spray-painted to block aluminum and oxygen contact.

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