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How to Calculate 6061 t651 Aluminum Plate Price and Weight?


2019-12-03 14:05

Aluminum Sheet Manufacturers Introduce the Meanning of T651

The t651 state of 6061 indicates that the aluminum alloy has undergone heat treatment and pre-stretching, and is a relatively common state and a state suitable for processing. 6061 t651 aluminum plate has good weldability, electroplating, and corrosion resistance. More importantly, it has high toughness, is not easy to deform during processing, and has good oxidation effect. It has a good application effect in automobiles, construction, ships, railway vehicles, furniture, etc. .

Knowing the specifications of 6061 t651, how to calculate aluminum plate price and weight?

In the application of 6061 t651 aluminum plate, everyone often only knows the specifications of the aluminum plate, and it is not clear how to calculate the weight and price of the aluminum plate. Here, Henan Mingtai Aluminum introduces the calculation formula of 6061 t651 aluminum plate price and weight for you.

The density of 6061 t651 aluminum plate is about 2.75 g/cm3, aluminum plate weight = length * width * thickness * density, aluminum plate price = aluminum ingot price + processing fee. I would like to remind everyone that the weught calculated strictly according to the above formula are often lighter than the actual weight, because the actual thickness size of the aluminum plate will have errors in the measurement, and the aluminum plate will also affect the actual weighing after being coated. The theoretical calculation is of reference significance.
6061 T651 Aluminum sheet

Mingtai Aluminum has a "1 + 1" hot rolling production line, as well as advanced production equipment at home and abroad. It can produce 6061 aluminum plates in four states of O, T4, T6, and T651. The thickness is 0.3-500mm, the width is 500-2800mm, and the length is 500-16000mm. It can also produce 6061 aluminum thin plate, thick plate, ultra-thick plate, mold aluminum, wear-resistant aluminum plate, quenched and stretched plate, 6061 ultra-flat plate, mirror panel, embossed plate, etc. Mingtai Aluminum produces aluminum alloys with excellent product quality and favorable price. welcome to order!

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